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  1. L

    Fog lamp and reverse light activating together

    Hi everyone, New to the forum but have been a lurker for a while, lots of great info and tech help in here so thanks already. I'm having an issue with my 2001 110 where the fog lamp and reverse light activate together. Each independent circuit seems to be operating correctly (reverse comes on...
  2. Q

    Starter solenoid clicks but not turning engine and dash lights on when ket out

    Couple of days ago I tried starting my landy 90 1998 300tdi and all I heard was a click from the solenoid. As well as this I noticed that the dash lights (oil, battery, handbrake) were on even when the key was removed. Fortunately I have an isolator so I can switch off all power. I don't know if...
  3. phatman5000

    Things burning and crackling on ignition and now... click??

    Hello all! I hate to introduce myself, having never contributed before, by asking a technical problem... But I guess a fair few on here started off that way! What would make bold heads fizz and crackle red-hot while I'm turning the engine over? My outrageously modified '83 90 2.5 N/A...
  4. A

    Defender TD5 Electrical problems

    Hello everyone, Apologies I can see this has been asked before but looking at previous posts still hasn't solved my problem! I have a 2003 defender 90 (td5) which has been a great reliable truck for me, Recently though on a journey from Kent to Scotland the radio started playing up which didn't...
  5. R

    defender 110 300tdi 2 alternators in a week????

    Hey, can anyone help. our trusty Defender 110 300tdi has started eating alternators...... I am not sure if this is a result of the engine being jet washed following head gasket replacement...... but the horn stopped working, and the clock, and the main beam flash..... then the alternator...
  6. H

    Smoke coming for near side wheel arch

    Bit worried On my 04 freelander, I noticed an electrical buzz coming from under the bonnet when i turn the engine off ( even if I was just moving the car) At the time i wondered if it was the noise of a relay or noisy motor. Then yesterday I turned the car round on my drive and when i parked...
  7. C

    How Do I? Short on cigarette lighter now no glow plugs 1999 P38 diesel

    Hi, My mobile charger fell to pieces in the cigar lighter and caused a short which knocked out air con/radio/lighter. I replaced fuse 8 and have got those back but a day later it won't start and no light on dash for glow plugs. Checked all fuses and all OK. What can it be? Stranded in the...
  8. roger@smith676.

    Wierd Electrical Problem

    I have a very strange problem, when I turn on my lights the rear window wiper goes on as well. Without the lights on the rear wiper switch works as normal!!!!! Can anyone help???:(
  9. nzrover

    Series III 109 Diff-Lock light connection

    Hi there, I have an Ex-Army 1982 Series 3 109. We found some mud the other weekend and I realized that the Diff-Lock light was not lighting up. After working through light bulbs, vacuum tubes I found that the wire that connects to the console light has come off. I can't work out were this...
  10. seylec1

    X reg V8 3.9ltr Auto Disco 2 engine stalling

    I've got an X reg V8 3.9ltr Disco 2, for the last year or 2 the engine has occasionally stalled, sometimes at low revs, often in reverse and even on motorways (though it seems to bump start again). Starting with the easy bits : Plug change, new HT leads (great place to mount the coils behind the...
  11. H

    TD5 I'm flashing all the time

    Hi guys, managed to redesign the bumper (only) -even the plastic grille is unmarked - in the snow courtesy of a farmers wooden gatepost. As of that point the flashers will not turn off -except if I disconnect the battery. Had the flasher relay out from behind the dash, fuse out from box but it...
  12. willidood

    Fitting Electrical Accesories (heated seats, heated mirrors, heated screen, lights)

    Hi all. I began getting my Td5 90 (2000MY) ready for winter yesterday and am trying to fit heated seats using a Waeco kit. The elements have gone into the seats nicely, but now comes the tricky bit...wiring it in. I've never tapped into my cars electrics as of yet, so I'm a bit nervous and want...
  13. F

    Electrical problem: don't know what else to try!

    Hi, I recently had a small accident with my Defender 110 Td5 of 1999 that damaged all the rear right lights. I could fix all except the turn signal. The shock caused a short circuit in that lamp connector that made the alarm system go crazy and inmobilized the engine shortly after the...
  14. B

    TD5 Instrument cluster + direction indicators stopped working

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and Land Rovers, hope someone can help. Speedo, fuel and temp gauges suddenly stopped working (but not the clock) and the direction indicators also don't function (lights, wipers and hazard lights working ok). Checked the fuses, all ok, no visible signs of loose...
  15. G

    Electrical smoke inside the car

    Hi, I'm new here and would appreciate some help. I've got a 1996 Disco 300TDi XS and was driving along the motorway the other day when I noticed smoke coming from behind the dash. :eek: Having had the fright of my life, stopped at a fire station, driven home (more smoke) to change cars and...
  16. Malcolm Tent

    SIII Electrical Problem - Help Needed

    I'd be grateful for some advice as I've just had the following problem and I'm somewhat baffled. I needed to re-route the wiring from the steering column fuse box, as it was all pinched in a narrow gap between the ignition switch and the dash. I drilled a hole in the dash behind the lower...
  17. sharpy1980

    Disco central locking, starter, e-window fault

    Hi I've got a fault with a 93 Discovery 200 Tdi, the starter wont operate but at the same time the cental locking and elec windows stopped working, the cars starts fine when bridging the solonoid and I've checked the fuses and relays which seem ok and click when turning the key, I've checked all...
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