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engine oil

  1. L

    Diesel Engines 200tdi running on used engine oil

    I’m new to the forum and had a read about before posting this thread to try find the answer but couldn’t find it. Everything seems to be about veg oil 😂 I have a 200tdi defender with a D1 engine swap. Which isn’t too bad on fuel but have now got an unlimited supply of used engine oil (pretty...
  2. 1

    Which Engine oil to use in 2003 td6 L322 Range Rover

    Hi guys, wonder if you can help! Should I be using a 10w 40 part synthetic oil or a fully synthetic 5w 30 etc Cheers
  3. culp

    Water and Oil Mixing

    I've just replaced the head gasket on my 2.5 Petrol 110 as oil and water were mixing giving the yellow "mayonnaise" deposit inside the rocker shaft. It still seems to be happening and the mayo is back. Could the water be getting into the oil anywhere else? I damaged the new gasket...
  4. Big Sandy

    Engine Oil Maintenance

    You will see oil changes mentioned here, and all through the forum. We thought it might be an idea to have some generalised info about oil. How often should I check my oil? You can never check the oil level too often! I check mine every single day, as part of my pre start routine. Use the...
  5. Big Sandy

    Guide Engine Oil Maintenance

    Big Sandy submitted a new resource: Engine Oil Maintenance - Some Basic Stuff Read more about this resource...
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