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  1. frankkk

    ALGERIA anybody ?

    Hello everyone, From December 15th 2023 until January 6th 2024 there is a trip to Algeria with 8 vehicles max.. A kind of "recce", since the Algerian Sahara hasn't been traveled with one's own 4x4 for a long time, except by a few enthusiastic French. The tour is not at all for the...
  2. Y

    Traction Mats

    Hi All, I'm after your opinions and advice on suggested sand/ mud traction mats. I want something that is robust enough for some bridging too. What can you suggest/ have experience of? What's the best and why really. Appreciate any help you can offer. Regards.
  3. ER1C

    Scandinavia 2014

    I realise its a long way away but I would like to plan a Scandinavian trip for 2014. If anyone is interested please drop me a pm. Likely 3 weeks due to the distances involved. Please dont hammer the thread with "dont go this way" "ferry times have changed" "do you realise where it is" as...
  4. E

    Our Series 3s in Action in africa

    Hi all I am not sure if this is allowed, found no hint that it is not allowed, but I am sure that might interest most of you. We have bought a Series 3s in South Africa, after having crossed Africa from North to South and now started to tour Southern and Eastern Africa with our Land Rover. We...
  5. J

    Central Asia and Siberia (Russia) Expedition 2012

    I Invite to the most incredible off-road expedition in 2012.19 500 km on the wilderness areas of Central Asia. The final stage is traveling by off-road vehicle around Lake Baikal. This will be the first ever documented such an expedition around Lake Baikal. All the details in the film. More...
  6. K4lfx

    Morocco 2012 any body fancy it?

    I have recently bought a 300tdi 110 and when i have finished bolting half of ebay to it i would like to take it to Morocco for an expedition. I was wondering if anybody else fancied going? i have 1 spare seat but was going to try and get a few of us together to do it. If you have been do you...
  7. B

    Jerry Can Placement

    So I'm thinking of a longish trip in my Series 3 88"; I have a couple of exmil jerry cans already but I am wondering how to mount them to the landie (I'd prefer not to have them in the cab). It's a rag top so cannot fit a roof rack. Thought about mounting on the front bumper in front of the...
  8. K

    EXPEDITION KIT FOR SALE - breaking a Discovery 1 1997 plate

    For Sale Discovery 1 1997 breaking/ parts for sale Sadly our much loved expedition Disco has been replaced with a newer version! :-( She has done us proud over the years and has travelled all over Europe - its time to give her a rest! We will be breaking Nalin (that's her name!!! - means...
  9. B

    Morocco Expedition

    I finally got the copyright issues sorted on my Morocco Expedition (from last year) video, by removing the offending songs :(. Unfortunately as I had already binned the original video clips, there are now large portions of silence in the video, so keep your radio handy. The video is long, an...
  10. L

    Planning a trip to Mongolia and back

    Hi there, I'm planning to drive to Mongolia and back in the summer of next year and I was wondering if anyone could help me out with some info on how to prepare my landy? I've got a 1982 sIII 88", as far as i can tell nothing is seriously wrong with it (MOT and service just before I bought it...
  11. J

    Cotswold Outdoor Expedition Evening

    Hello Everybody, As some of you might already know, I work for Cotswold Outdoor in St Albans, not very interesting in itself really, however, one of our suppliers happens to be local. Mr Tom Sheppard MBE (www.desertwinds.co.uk), has spent the last 50 or so years travelling the Sahara and has...
  12. S

    Looking for owners in the Nordics

    As some of you might already know, I'm travelling the the Nordics right now in a beautiful Defender 110 in search of the world's most arctic tech companies. Along the way I'd really love to meet Landy owners and also perhaps have a few numbers to call if I end up in trouble. Any Nordic owners...
  13. S

    Keeping windows from freezing

    I'm going to be doing a 10000km 50 day tour in a Defender TD5 this winter, through all 5 Nordic countries (including Iceland!) and writing about entrepreneurship and startups (check out http://travellingsalesman.mobi/). My question is that as temperatures might be going to -20C or even -30C...
  14. F

    Help for a world traveller

    Hello! My name is Fernando. I'm Brazilian and I've started a world trip about four months ago with a Defender 110 300 Tdi. I've travelled through South and Central America. My next step is reach USA and send the car to England. After that, cross Europe and go South Africa. All the trip is...
  15. F

    How Do I? roof windows

    hi,,planning a exped through Africa next year or so and got a 110 300tdi panel van stylee Defender..but want to have more light coming into the back so thought about either putting in those curved side windows like on a CSW or replace the roof with one that has them already in..or cut out 2 sun...
  16. T

    Insulating an expedition vehicle

    I have a 2007 Defender 110 with utility back which I am fitting out for a long expedition which will take me from the Arctic down through Africa and eventually to Australia. Having spent this winter suffering from constant condensation in the rear of the truck I am now determined to insulate...
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