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  1. W

    Freelander td4 2004 radiator fan cuts in at 65c and coolant never goes above 80

    Hi All, As the title explains, I have a 2004 Freelander s Td4 with a/c 115k on the clock :freelander:. When the engine coolant reaches 65c the radiator cooling fan comes on at a low/mid speed and stays on (way before it should do). The coolant temp dash gauge (when at 80c) reads half way as it...
  2. Bigbananafeet

    Considering getting rid of the viscous fan for an electric one?

    "******* Electric Fans. Go anywhere 4x4 off road vehicle manufacturers fit a larger than average belt driven engine fan just in case you are the one in a million who tow two ton across the Sahara! However, as most owners spend the majority of their time on the road you suffer the noise of a...
  3. Otley's Owner

    Heater fan question

    I currently have a two-speed heater fan motor; completely static or really, really fast! To clarify, the motor doesn't spin on the first switch position, but when I flick the switch all the way down the motor springs into life and spins at max speed. In trying to find the fault I found a rod...
  4. S

    TD5 A/C fan

    The fan for the A/C unit (just behind the front grill) is sticking, for some unknown reason. Originally there was a pretty big stone stuck in there, which might have caused the damage as it got flung into it. I can't see anything obvious from just looking at it, and it's not catching on the...
  5. C

    Air Conditioning Fan / Heater / Filter

    It seems that my fan has gone on strike. When I took out the filter and put it in again (behind the glove box) the fan started. When I got in today the fan didn't work again and the filter trick didn't work! I noticed on the fan label there is a red cross though it when there are lots of...
  6. C

    Need help removing heater fan relay from 1998 Land Rover Discovery!!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know how to replace/remove the heater fan relay from a 1998 Land Rover Disco? Thanks a lot! Sincerely, Caitlin
  7. C

    Land Rover Discovery 1998 Heat/AC Blower not working.

    Hello! Can anyone help me/give me tips on how to fix the ac/heat blower? Has a relay burned out? Warm air and cool air sort of come out depending on which way i turn the climate adjustment but it doesn't really "blow " out air no matter how high i turn the fans up. Cold weather is encroaching...
  8. M

    Help needed please

    I have a 2004 Range Rover 106K full service histiory. Yesterday I popped to the shops and back 10 Mins in the car, when i got home grey smoke was billowing out of the grille and had an electrical smell. Took it to the garage to be told, that they have had it running for 3 hours with no...
  9. G

    Electrical smoke inside the car

    Hi, I'm new here and would appreciate some help. I've got a 1996 Disco 300TDi XS and was driving along the motorway the other day when I noticed smoke coming from behind the dash. :eek: Having had the fright of my life, stopped at a fire station, driven home (more smoke) to change cars and...
  10. D

    radiator conversion

    hi all i have another question for you all. i have a 300tdi es auto. im looking at removeing my viscous fan and fitting an electric one as a belt and braces set up. i want to fit a thermastatic swith to it, any ideas what car i can get one from as i dont want the old girl wont boil up on...
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