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  1. N

    18 Plate Discovery HSE engine blown 43K Miles on clock

    Mid December 2021 on a return trip to London down the M4 our 18 plate HSE Luxury engine blew. No warning. Oil light lit up red and then engine failure, smoke out the left passenger side of the bonnet and thankfully I managed to pull over safely and get the family all out (we had 3 generations...
  2. G

    Freelander tailgate window and wiper problem.

    Hi All, I'm a newbie here and in the world of LR so please go easy on me. I have bought a 2002 Freelander TD4. When I was buying it it needed quite a few small things. The lad told me the back window wiper had broken off and the rear window motor had stopped working. When I removed rear trim to...
  3. MostlyBaffled

    General Is it The Earth?!?! Electrical rear LH indicator, brake, license plate light plus fuel gauge

    Hi all, My 'current' fault (that's a pun) is quite something. I drive a 1989 110 CSW, except at night when I want to turn left, at which point it becomes a mobile disco for everyone following me. When I brake, the fuel gauge goes to zero. With the headlights on, when I indicate left, the...
  4. H

    HDC System Fault - Complete death on my drive home last night...

    Hello all, first time poster. Apologies in advance if this has been dealt with, a thorough search of the forums hasn't given me the information I have needed, I hope if you're reading this you can help. 2007 Plate Freelander II, 183k and owned since new. In really great condition and never had...
  5. L

    Discovery 2 td5 Hazards constantly on?

    I have a 2001 discovery 2 td5. Recently hazard light have decided to come on and wont switch off unless the battery or fuse is disconnected. I have already eliminated the inertia switch as fuel is still supplied to the engine and the engine still runs fine. all ECUs under glovebox compartment...
  6. E

    freelander 1 reverse light fault

    Hi i have the frrelander1 and have a weired fault...no reverse light, i know what ya thinking SWITCH nope switch appears ok took it out of gear box and pressed it and lights come on .but when its in the gear box they dont work ..any ideas guys
  7. E

    freelander 1 dash problems odometer, speedo, gauges

    Hi can anyone help..i have a freelander 1 2002 116k on the clock.. all of a sudden the fuel, odometer , rev counter, temp, and warning lamps have started to flash on and off randomly as if a loose connection. I have checked the plugs behind the dash no loose wires and also the TC and HDC also...
  8. InDIGnation

    Traction Control fault - activating during normal driving

    Hi all First off, I'm a bit of a newbie to the Landie circle; I bought my first '99 Discovery 2 TD5 just three days ago. Naturally, I'm still learning new things, so forgive me for my inevitable ineptitude. :o So this particular Disco came with a fair few niggles, most of which are quite minor...
  9. D

    Electrical short when wet

    hi there. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. My dad has a 1999 defender which has an electrical fault. It started a few weeks backs when after washing it the brake lights stayed on. When dry returned to normal. Asked local garage (supposed to be independent specialist). They...
  10. D

    L322 TD6 Fuel Injection System error message

    Hi, Im after some information regarding the following error message? looking for other possible reasons why i would be getting this message? - i have searched the forum and tried the low fuel possibility, unless my gauge is 190miles out. So lets detail the scenario, start engine from...
  11. H

    L-Series engine idling & rev-down issues / HDC issues / issues all round/ HELP PLEASE

    For the past month or two, I have been suffering issues with my Freelanders (1998 2.0l L-Series diesel, 5 door) engine which can only be described as being menopausal :p, Specifically: - Common reluctance to rev down or rev's down slowly when declutched - Occasionally experience a loss of...
  12. T

    How Do I? Intermttent inicator fault on 1997 defender 300Tdi

    I am a new Land Rover owner and this is my first post so apologies if its a bit basic (or been covered before)... The driver's side rear indicator on my 1997 defender 90 300Tdi has an intermittent fault. I have unscrewed it to do a "wiggle test" and it looks as though the connection between...
  13. sharpy1980

    Disco central locking, starter, e-window fault

    Hi I've got a fault with a 93 Discovery 200 Tdi, the starter wont operate but at the same time the cental locking and elec windows stopped working, the cars starts fine when bridging the solonoid and I've checked the fuses and relays which seem ok and click when turning the key, I've checked all...
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