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  1. impstar

    diesel fuel filter-QUICK HELP

    changing fuel filter on diesel 1973 series 3 but need a little advice, new o-ring bottom and top of filter cartridge (2 large rings), new o-ring over 'neck' and lastly small new o-ring over securing bolt. But......i still have one small o-ring left, is this for different size bolt or am i...
  2. C

    Air Conditioning Fan / Heater / Filter

    It seems that my fan has gone on strike. When I took out the filter and put it in again (behind the glove box) the fan started. When I got in today the fan didn't work again and the filter trick didn't work! I noticed on the fan label there is a red cross though it when there are lots of...
  3. T

    2001 Td4 fuel pump mystery...?

    Afternoon all here's one you may be able to help with (I hope!!) filled up with diesel recently, turned the key in the ignition and she wouldn't start! Managed to get a push off the forecourt and after a few more tries she fired up, figured probably air-lock since the tank was pretty low...
  4. paul fletcher

    Td5 - Noisy fuel pump, poor starting & cutting out- Solved.

    Hi all, just a quick one about my recent experience. Fuel pump making a gurgling, wooshing almost "blender" type noise, has done it before, so took out fuel pump and cleaned internal and external mesh filters, changed fuel filter and all sorted. Purge system and away we go. 4 months later...
  5. karona

    Transfer and Auto Gearbox Oil Change (Saga)

    I have just recently changed the oil in the Auto Box (Inc Filter) plus the oil in the Transfer Box. I took loads of pictures and have some tales to tell. But before i start the post i have one question. Is there a limit on the numbers of pictures i can attach? As a picture saves a thousand...
  6. N

    How Do I? No Fuel in Filter

    I've changed my fuel filter and tried to run the engine getting nothing, after taken the fuel filter back off there's no fuel in the filter. Can anyone help with this? Thanks in advance.
  7. D

    v8 LPG Questions

    Hi Guys Need your help with an upcoming LPG conversion. I have a 110 3.5L v8 running twin SU carbs. I have k&n filters on them but have been advised by an LPG kit supplier that these filters won't work with LPG - something to do with the amount of air they allow in being too much. Now...
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