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  1. lvdxd00

    General Spotweld drill bit

    I am going to replace the footwells on my series 2a and I am going to drill out the old spotwelds. What I would like to know is what would be the best size and or type of bit to buy? Cheers Dave
  2. willidood

    Aircon & Heated Footwell Performance

    I have very much enjoyed my aircon this summer, but with this turn in the weather, I've remembered how cold my feet get in winter! This is because the aircon unit sits under the dash and blocks the footwell vents otherwise on defenders without aircon. The fact that it even says in the land rover...
  3. T

    WANTED! Series 3 passenger footwell!

    Hi. Anyone got a passenger side footwell i can buy off them? Will give a good price! Would be ideal if you had a Paypal account then i can send you the money that way instead of a slow cheque! Thanks
  4. a1mac


    I'm planning on painting my footwells, gearbox manifold, and all flooring in Ninety hardtop. Is it possible to paint a top coat (colour) over tetrashutz? Thanks, Alex McD.
  5. JonathonMarshall

    Footwell repair sections?

    The land rover is hopefully going in to get some work done on Tuesday and the passenger footwell has a hefty hole in it. It is seemingly beyond plating but i cannot find any 'new footwells' or associated repair sections - so hows it going to be fixed??
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