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  1. N

    3rd gear issue

    Hi all. So I bought my first FR1. Had no issues for the first month. But now I can’t get it in to 3rd, it was always a though gear to get in to but this morning I couldn’t get it in at all. All other gears are fine no kicking or grinding!! Is this going to be a full gearbox replacement?
  2. G

    Freelander tailgate window and wiper problem.

    Hi All, I'm a newbie here and in the world of LR so please go easy on me. I have bought a 2002 Freelander TD4. When I was buying it it needed quite a few small things. The lad told me the back window wiper had broken off and the rear window motor had stopped working. When I removed rear trim to...
  3. M

    Constant knocking

    Apologies as I'm not a mechanic other than basics and what can be taught via YouTube when something goes wrong. But.... As I am driving all is good untill I release my accelerator then a knocking sound appears which can be felt through the passenger side and through to the back (clearly...
  4. Lighting90

    Land Rover Freelander Videos Born Free Freelander Commercial

  5. R

    Need help please: Freelander 20T2N 2.0tdi

    Good day, I hope someone can please assist me with a troubled child:ms-redface:. I have this Landrover Freelander 2001 model with a 20t2n motor that drove fine for about 4weeks. vehicle was driven to a shop, switched off and when we came back the vehicle did not start. So we towed the vehicle...
  6. H

    HDC System Fault - Complete death on my drive home last night...

    Hello all, first time poster. Apologies in advance if this has been dealt with, a thorough search of the forums hasn't given me the information I have needed, I hope if you're reading this you can help. 2007 Plate Freelander II, 183k and owned since new. In really great condition and never had...
  7. P

    General Freelander Td4 2004 No Reverse Gear

    Please help! Just bought a 2004 Freelander TD4, all forward gears are working fine, but when selecting reverse it just revs. Once selected I hear the parking sensors initiate, and the reverse lights come on, but no drive. I have tried it around 10 times. Some times, but not all times, there...
  8. B

    Help, i wanna join the club. Second hand Freelander 2 facelift.

    Cheers guys, i'm looking for a 2011 Freelander 2 around 8000€ and i found something, here in Romania, but i'm not really sure that is what it say it is. My concern is the rear handle that looks like on the previous version of FR2. Is there a model that keeps the old handle design? Also...
  9. D

    TD4 P1090 Limping and non responsive

    Hi guys! Hippo needs rescue. Please help! Freelander 2004, TD4, manual. 93k. I keep getting the same code P1090- Fuel Rail Pressure Plausibility. I update something, clear the code, but so far it keeps coming back when I take hippo for a ride. When engine is cold, car takes a few extra...
  10. L

    1998 Freelander 1 clock replacment

    The 8 pin clock on my Freelander XeDi has died , can i just replace this with the 4 pin clock which is easier to obtain?
  11. A

    Bought a new Freelander 2, good price?

    Hi everyone! Just bought my first Freelander 2, owned Minis for years but now need a 4x4 so decided to go for a Freelander as the Discoverys are a little to big, family has owned Land Rovers for generations but will have to get use to it from a Mini! Went a few hours away to a private seller and...
  12. O

    Need cheap Left Hand Drive 4x4 for Madagascar - Freelander a good choice?

    Hello All, I have recently accepted a job in Antananarivo, Madagascar, and would like to ship a 4x4 out with me so that I can explore the island. I will be working in the capital, where the roads are OK. The main roads out to the provincial capitals are tarmac and OK but the majority of the...
  13. E

    freelander 1 reverse light fault

    Hi i have the frrelander1 and have a weired fault...no reverse light, i know what ya thinking SWITCH nope switch appears ok took it out of gear box and pressed it and lights come on .but when its in the gear box they dont work ..any ideas guys
  14. F

    Freelander beeps on braking

    My 2003 BMW diesel Freelander TD4 GS with 165K started beeping whenever I applied the brakes on one journey only - it has stopped now and gone back to normal but I was getting regular quiet beeps from the dash board / front area every time I pressed the brakes. If I pressed them for long enough...
  15. K

    No tiptronic or sport mode Freelander Td4 2006 Auto

    Can anyone help? I have Freelander 1 TD4 2006 Auto and the tiptronic or sport mode does not work when the car starts to warm, I have had the gearbox oil changed and cleaned all the connectors under the selector. As soon as I have driven about half a mile it no longer functions???
  16. B

    fuel guage

    I know this has probably been covered lots of times so appologies but could not find ! 2007 td4 2.2 GS 91000 miles diesel just over 1/4 full 'beep beep' needle goes to empty and light comes on usually after stopping the engine and starting again comes on for a bit then goes off again - then...
  17. G

    Issue with Freelander 2 in snow

    Bought a second hand freelander 2 in August. been great so far and enjoying it. However snow has fallen when I am and surprisingly the Freelander is struggling.I have snow tyres on and although not brand new, they are far from bare. However even a medium hill with snow / ice is causing a...
  18. S

    How Do I? FreeLander TD4 2.0 Diesel Vacuum pump hose

    Hi All first post on the lrukforums.com so Hello :cool: first of all im not very savy with fixing cars however did not fancy paying a garage £390 to fit a part that i got online for £15 I have received the part and it looks extremely easy to fit the reason i brought it was down to a serious...
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