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fuel leak

  1. R

    Dead Disco - Fuel discharge over road

    Hi Disco'ers My first post here and will share with the community my disasters with the three Discos I have had over the years another time but this time I have a question. The latest breakdown on my now 4 year old TD5 was a fuel pipe rupture. Two months ago £80 worth of diesel was dumped on...
  2. Sgt Smith

    Stage 1,109" V8 = Whats missing?

    Hello all, I have recently bought a Stage 1 ,109",V8 - like all newly aquired Series vehicles,it has a few problems' :eek:....these are listed below: 1) on top of the air intake / filter -in the centre of the top circle,there is a small outlet,which looks like it should have a thin (vacuum?)...
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