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fuel pump

  1. R

    2003 td4 freelander fuel pump

    Hi All, I have a 2003 td4 freelander, my question is does the electric fuel pump ( the one in the rear O/S wing) run continuously when the ignition is on or should it stop once up to pressure/ Also is the the only electric pump on this model? Many Thanks
  2. G

    Intermittent lack of power and EWL come on Face lifted TD4

    Hi there First time poster, and I just want to check something with the collected wisdom here. I have a TD4 with 106k on the clock and I am getting a problem that is getting worse. It starts and drives fine some of the time. It always starts on the button. When I rev the engine under load (to...
  3. J

    Defender110 fuel pump - replacement necessary?

    I wanted to check something with the collected wisdom of the forum: Our 2005 Defender has had a restarting problem for a while - starts happily, drive for a short period, then won't restart after stopping. After the last repeat of this, we've had the vehicle recovered to our local main dealer...
  4. T

    Fuel pump cutting out on 2a lightweight

    Hi - went to start my 2a lightweight after a couple of weeks in the garage. Sounded as though there was no petrol - no sign of starting. Checked all way back from carb to tank and no blockages. Re assembled everything and ran for about 5 mins - then cut out again, i believe that the pump is...
  5. D

    Is my fuel regulator dead and buried?

    If I turn the ignition to Pos II and the fuel pump runs... Should you get fuel returning from the rail to the tank via the regulator with engine off???? Reason I'm asking is that I might have drank so many tonight that I have discovered the meaning of life, but more importantly, a reason for my...
  6. Richie_asg1

    Fuel pump overhaul

    I have the petrol fuel pump with the glass bowl, and was considering overhauling it because I do have a drain back issue with it if left for a while. I see from suppliers that bother to have pictures that there seem to be two types. The main difference is how close the flappy valves are to each...
  7. B

    Do i need a new fuel pump td4 2005?

    Hi All, I've got a 2005 TD4 auto with 63k on the clock. I've asked for plenty of advice of late. Had an intermittent starting problem - since then have replaced the battery, replaced the fuel filter and had the RAC out. Problem seemed to point to a camshaft sensor BUT car wouldn't start just now...
  8. C

    ignition switch cables and fuel pup

    Hi can someone help. I have a 1984 2.25 petrol defender. I am rebuilding it after taking it apart, dissapointingly, I failed to mark up the cables and now have a problem with the ignition switch cables I dont know where they go. I know which ones they are but I dont know what orientation they...
  9. K


    Where is the FUEL PUMP RELAY LOCATED ON A 1.8 PETROL FREELANDER? If someone could please advise that would be great, thanks! :)
  10. S

    range rover crisis

    Hi im really new to all this so please bear with me, I have a range rover P38 on a P plate 2.5DSE model and today on my way home the check deisel light came on and it started running like a bucket of spanners and there was a nasty smell of fuel.... can someone give me a pointer on what may have...
  11. N

    Another Fuel pump fail for Freelander TD4

    Hey guys This is my first post but reading through you all seem to be very helpful. I just picked up my first Freelander last week but on the way to work the fuel pump has failed >:( The nice guys at my local garage somehow managed to get it going but I need to get it back to the dealer...
  12. D

    Freelander Fuel Pump

    Hi Everyone, I'm back on lrukforums finally. Well I've now been a freelander owner for about a year. So far I've always taken the landy to the mechanic when ever something need changing. That's until I received the ridicules bill LOL. How simple is it to replace a TD4 2.0 Diesel Fuel Pump...
  13. impstar

    Wrong lift pump

    Hi Have removed lift pump from 1973 2.25D series 3. Replacement ordered and arrived, part number 563146 as all literature & websites state but pump removed looks just like a STC1190! Problems since purchased vehicle of always struggling to start, have to turn over for ages and ages to...
  14. T

    2001 Td4 fuel pump mystery...?

    Afternoon all here's one you may be able to help with (I hope!!) filled up with diesel recently, turned the key in the ignition and she wouldn't start! Managed to get a push off the forecourt and after a few more tries she fired up, figured probably air-lock since the tank was pretty low...
  15. paul fletcher

    Td5 - Noisy fuel pump, poor starting & cutting out- Solved.

    Hi all, just a quick one about my recent experience. Fuel pump making a gurgling, wooshing almost "blender" type noise, has done it before, so took out fuel pump and cleaned internal and external mesh filters, changed fuel filter and all sorted. Purge system and away we go. 4 months later...
  16. listerdiesel

    Repair Guide Discovery 2 Fuel Pump Replacement

    This is for a V8 (Petrol) Disco 2, but most applies for the TD5 as well, the main differences are the fuel pipe connections and post-replacement bleeding, which is needed for the TD5 but not for the V8. The pump is located in the fuel tank under the floor at the rear of the vehicle. To access...
  17. Adler

    Ignition and carb advice for a 2.5 petrol

    I have a 1989 2.5 petrol engine in my '72 88", with a Zenith carb and manifold from the old 2.25 petrol, plus a sports exhaust and manifold. The carb has the same jets as when running the 2.25. Problems and questions are as follows: Q1. Contact breaker gap keeps closing - sometimes after 1km...
  18. Adler

    2.5 petrol fuel starvation

    Hi, My SIII has a 2.5 petrol engine from a 1989 Defender. I used the manual fuel pump and carb from the old 2.25 and banged on a stainless sports exhaust and manifold. She's been running great until last night when she suddenly spluttered and died when at full throttle. A quick check showed...
  19. Chaser

    Guide Possible Causes Of TD4 Power Loss

    Chaser submitted a new resource: Possible Causes Of TD4 Power Loss - A Point In The Right Direction Read more about this resource...
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