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fuel system problems


    HOT START problem ('04 TD6 vogue)

    Hi folks, My rangey has developed a hot starting problem. From cold it starts fine, no problems at all. If I run it up to temperature, turn it off and then leave it for a few minutes it cranks for ages before reluctantly drifting into a lazy idle, (for example stopping for fuel or popping to...
  2. M

    disco 300tdi loss of power, but ticks over ok, wont go above 1,500 rpm like limp mode

    my mates disco was working fine, on way to retest the disco, stopped off at summer field petrol station put a tenners worth in, carried on to mot place, half mile down the road it cuts out, restarts the disco and its got no power wont pull the skin off a rice pudding!!.:confused: limps along...
  3. S

    Fuel System Questions

    I am finally in a position to start work on my Series 2a and I had a couple of questions before I go tearing in. The Rover acts like it is out of fuel at 3/4 of a tank, so after asking around I have been told to change the fuel filter and check for clogs in the line (obvious). After looking at...
  4. R

    Dead Disco - Fuel discharge over road

    Hi Disco'ers My first post here and will share with the community my disasters with the three Discos I have had over the years another time but this time I have a question. The latest breakdown on my now 4 year old TD5 was a fuel pipe rupture. Two months ago £80 worth of diesel was dumped on...
  5. E

    HELP! Hole in fuel hose from unit injectors, now wont start!

    Hi Hope someone can help me, i live in ecuador and the mecanics here are useless. and so i am i when it comes to fixings cars i have a defender 2002 TD5 I had a split in a hose line that seems to be coming from the "Unit Injectors" and connects to the "fuel pressure regulator"...
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