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  1. D

    Low fuel light always ON

    Hi all :) Vehicle: Disco 1 200td 1993. Low fuel light came on and is staying on, even when tanks is full. Gauge level is working fine. Bypassed sender, gauged marked 'full', but low fuel light still on. Wire connection to sender is 3 wires (+ground). But upon dismantling of sender, found out...
  2. Z

    Fuel line.. holes

    Today I went to fetch something in the Defender having not run it for a few days and after 30seconds or so - before I even got out the yard - it shuddered to a halt. Managed to start it several times but anything more than idling and it would just stop. Changed the fuel filter this evening but...
  3. boddamese

    300 TDi fuel shut off solenoid. Genuine or aftermarket.

    The fuel shut off solenoid (RTC6702) is causing starting problems. Taking several key cycles to operate when the car has stood for a few days. Works fine when used every day. There is the usual array of ****part, Bearmach, Allmakes etc for £5 to £7 as well as a Bosch OEM one for £100. Anyone...
  4. B

    fuel guage

    I know this has probably been covered lots of times so appologies but could not find ! 2007 td4 2.2 GS 91000 miles diesel just over 1/4 full 'beep beep' needle goes to empty and light comes on usually after stopping the engine and starting again comes on for a bit then goes off again - then...
  5. F

    Discovery 2 Filler Flap Spring! Help Please :)

    Hi there, Does anyone know where I can get a spring for a Disco 2 filler flap? Or a part number? Just bought her and when I tried to fill up, the lock activates from the dashboard, but in the absence of a spring, it won't spring open, so it's a two person job! Thanks and happy to be a part of...
  6. boddamese

    Fuel pump / lift pump rebuild kit. All the bits are different!

    I'm sure this will have been covered before but the (genuine parts) rebuild kit for the lift pump is totally different to the existing pump. It is on a 1974 2 1/4 petrol. MoT tester said the fuel pump was leaking. Rebuild kit from Paddocks is genuine part no. AEU 2760. As the picture shows...
  7. D

    Is my fuel regulator dead and buried?

    If I turn the ignition to Pos II and the fuel pump runs... Should you get fuel returning from the rail to the tank via the regulator with engine off???? Reason I'm asking is that I might have drank so many tonight that I have discovered the meaning of life, but more importantly, a reason for my...
  8. B

    Worse after repair?...new on here.

    Hi guys. New on here... Living in Cambridgeshire with the love of my life..A P38 4.0 AUTO IN WHITE AND BLACK...Mmmmmm Ok...So I had the water pump and head gaskets replaced, skimmed head,new bolts etc.... Then 5 days and 50 miles later it starts smoking from exhaust..(white/grey) more when...
  9. D

    1973 SIII 2.25 Diesel Starts and cuts out! HELP !

    Hi, I have a 2.25d Series 3, bought in good faith from a friend, MOT'd fine ..... won't run! It starts and ticks over BEAUTIFULLY most of the time, revs okay, sounds fine to me But it'll drive less than a mile before just conking out! Feels like fuel starvation, just dies slowly and loses...
  10. I

    AUX fender tank measurements?

    Hello all, I know there are a number of vendors who produce aux tanks that fit into both rear fender of the Defender 90 and 110. I'm sure they are a great value to many, but I would like to manufacture my own. I'm sure they will be far from perfect, but a whole lot cheaper. Problem is I don't...
  11. SiPeace

    Running out of Fuel Early

    I can only ever draw 45litres of diesel out of my tank (on a 200tdi) before it sputters and "runs out of fuel", leaving 15 litres behind in the tank. I suspected a hole in the fuel supply pipe in the tank... so I tried blowing down the fuel pipe and bubbles only came out of the bottom of the...
  12. Richie_asg1

    Fuel filler neck mismatch

    Anyone recognise the fuel filler neck I have on my IIA ? The fuel filler tube doesn't fit in it, but will fit in upsidedown. Is it from a defender or an earlier one? - So the tube does not match the filler, but can anyone find a photo or part number that will? Many thanks. Richie.
  13. D

    Freelander TD4 Engine failure - can't revive at all

    Hi Folks. This time the Freelander has me totally stumped. She's been running a bit rough at idle intermittently for the past few months but a few revs and everything seems to return to normal. Yesterday however during a long distance drive she progressively got worse and then togehter with a...
  14. Otley's Owner

    Fuel filling

    Does anyone else have this problem? When I fill the tank (109 SW, 2.25 petrol) I have no idea whether it has reached capacity until petrol starts pouring onto the forecourt from what I assume is a breather on the top of the tank. It's a pretty good indicator that the tank is full, but I resent...
  15. TemporalCoder

    Refitting Fuel Injection Pump Help

    Hi, I am currently refitting (well trying to) the fuel injection pump on my 300tdi. I think i have messed it up a bit. I am confuse about the 'Sprocket Retaining Plate' Are the bolts supposed to go through the 2 threaded holes and then into the threaded holes in the fuel pump (see picture)...
  16. T

    Fuel Lines? 300tdi

    I am doing a Full rebuild of a Defender 100" and need to put some fuel lines on. Its a 300TDI with a under seat fuel tank. Are the return pipe and the feed pipe the same size? what must the inside Diameter be for the pipe? Im just going to get some off Ebay if im honest.. Many thanks Tom
  17. Otley's Owner

    Fuel duty rise

    Nice to see that the Chancellor has done (another) u-turn on the proposed August fuel duty increase. I am surprised though, that despite a threatened vote in the House, the Government didn't try to brave it out, particularly since the pump price has dropped significantly recently (£1.27 near me...
  18. D


    i have a 98 disco, it was running great then it got regular gas by accident instead of premium , and shortly after started rumbling , think its just the gas? its just under a half tank..should i drain it and put in premium, or top it up with premium and hope it balances out? thanks.
  19. D

    L322 TD6 Fuel Injection System error message

    Hi, Im after some information regarding the following error message? looking for other possible reasons why i would be getting this message? - i have searched the forum and tried the low fuel possibility, unless my gauge is 190miles out. So lets detail the scenario, start engine from...
  20. F

    Strange Yellow (Linseed) crud?!?!

    So yesterday i took the landy out for a spin after being sat for a while..last big trip was Morocco in January..but have been starting her and doing short trips since. It started to die on me and lack of power..fuel starvation. AA came out and after some playing around we discovered a load...
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