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  1. Jimlr90

    Blown Fuse when shifting into gear TD5 Auto

    Hi All, This is my first post so hope this is the correct place etc. I have a modified winch truck which is running TD5 Disco 2 running gear and when out during an off-road event it cut out. After some investigation we found it blowing a 10a fuse which we think supplies the ecu as when it...
  2. H

    Unable find a fuse on D2

    Hi Does anyone know where the fuses for the caravan grey plug set up for fridge and power is hidden. Its a dealer or factory installed bar and electrics on a D2 td5 commercial 2002 I have just got a caravan and it wont charge the battery or power up the fridge. No live feed at socket even...
  3. Richie_asg1

    General Distribution / Fusebox upgrades.

    Many of us get to a situation of adding things like high power headlights or electric fans, other lights or devices to our vehicles and often think that putting a fuse in there is a sensible idea. But it looks like the choices for doing this are a bit poor. It's either an inline fuse or some...
  4. thereisawizza

    Defender 300 Tdi under bonnet fuse issue!!

    Help required, por favor! Had a flat battery (we think) the other day, not used often so no surprise there! However, have a fuse that blows in the under bonnet fusebox (no. 4 if looking from the front). Had a 30 amp fitted, can find no reference to this 2nd fuse box anywhere in Haynes or...
  5. C

    Need battery and fuse box info

    Hi all I have a 1997 Landrover Discovery. I would like to know: -The amount of current drawn from the battery by the truck when vehicle is completely off. Mine is 0.3 amp, which seems high and possibly causing my car unable to start without being charged every week or two. -The fuse box...
  6. Alolex

    Fuse keeps blowing when I lock/unlock the car

    Hi everyone, I've just joined the forum as I've finally needed to ask for some advice on my series 1 discovery. Its got a new (2 days old) locking problem - The central locking fuse keeps blowing! With a new fuse, the doors (all of them, all actuators in the doors seem to be functional) will...
  7. Matt_300tdi90

    aux fuse box

    I want to fit an auxillary fuse box in my battery box to tidy up my extra accessories (cb radio, spotlights etc.) because at the moment they are all individually connected to the battery. I'm not sure how to do this but i was thinking of having something like an extra +ve battery cable that...
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