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  1. S

    Fuse box hit and miss

    Fuse box mounted R/H side of steering wheel column shroud. Keeps cutting out, leaving engine running but no lights, no dashboard lights or functions, no indicators, no brake lights. A gentle tap on the lid casing revives it. Back connexions? The fuses remain good and appear well clipped in...
  2. O

    Landrover Defender Electrics - 3.5 V8

    Hi - this problem started out as a simple replacement of a dodgy rear light, a reluctant indicator and a non-working front light. Headlights worked fine. So - the 5 amp blade fuse for the left side running lights kept on just falling out - loose in holder - and it blew each time the circuit...
  3. Richie_asg1

    General Distribution / Fusebox upgrades.

    Many of us get to a situation of adding things like high power headlights or electric fans, other lights or devices to our vehicles and often think that putting a fuse in there is a sensible idea. But it looks like the choices for doing this are a bit poor. It's either an inline fuse or some...
  4. C

    Fuel guage and Horn stopped working

    Hi, At the same time both horn and fuel guage ceased working on my 1998 Defender SWB. I do not have a fuse board or relay diagram inside my fuse box cover, can anyone with experience point to a single mode of failure before I start searching ? Do any of the relays have any effect on this issue ...
  5. karona

    Fuel Pump Woes

    Hi All. After driving along the other day thinking that the car is going great, (Apart from the small body leak) it died on me. After not being able to diagnose what was the problem, it turns over, tries to start just peeters out. AA man arrives and after a bit of deliberation, works out that...
  6. D

    Air Suspension Conversion

    Can anyone help :confused:. I have recently purchased a Land Rover Discovery 2.5 TDI on a 51 plate. The vehicle has just undergone a convestion from air suspension to spring. The problem is the ALARM is continually dinging away and I would like to know, either how to reset the alarm or is...
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