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  1. D


    i have a 98 disco, it was running great then it got regular gas by accident instead of premium , and shortly after started rumbling , think its just the gas? its just under a half tank..should i drain it and put in premium, or top it up with premium and hope it balances out? thanks.
  2. B

    Odd gas smell (like natural gas) from Freelander TD4

    Hi All, I've noticed this subject has been touched on before but there didn't appear to be a definitive solution so hopefully this time......I've got a '05 plate TD4 Freelander, c 40k on the clock, and there is a weird smell that's similar to that of natural gas. It's not the aircon as the smell...
  3. lvdxd00

    no cats needed on gas

    I went to see a disco v8i on lpg, it had been fitted tubular manifolds and a full stainless exhaust, but no cats. The guy selling the disco said it had been like that for a few years. I asked about how it passed the emissions test for the MOT, he said it was always tested using the gas. Is...
  4. T

    I need some LPG help PLEASE!!!

    Hi everyone. RIght heres my story (Deep Breath!!) Im 17 (Yes, years old!!) and drive my series 3 landy to school every day, which is obviously costing me a fortune, so i have converted it to run on gas, BUT (AND ITS A BIG ONE!!) i cannot find anyone to pressure test it for me!! I want someone...
  5. B

    Propane Gas Leak Detection.

    After going through 47Kg bottles of propane at an alarming rate and not being able to find a leak, I am wondering if anyone has had dealing with the device, a Bubble Gas Leak Detector, as in the link below? http://www.tcschandlery.co.uk/8903/TCS-Chandlery-Bubble-Gas-leak-detector.html I feel...
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