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  1. X

    General Gasket grades

    Hi can anyone explain the gasket grading please, i have taken off the gaskets in the pic attached but want to confirm what i believe these to be. thanks
  2. G

    Air lock on TD5 Discovery 2 coolant loss

    Hi I have a TD5 Discovery 2. It was bought recently and is overheating. It is also using lots of coolant (water) I found that there were several coolant leaks associated with the top hose. Where the hose is connected to the engine the spring clip had broken but was lodged in place. I replaced...
  3. D

    How Do I? Exhaust Manifold Gasket

    Hello all, Bit of a newbie here, first time posting in fact. Often find the answers to what Im after from looking at other threads but have failed this time. My 90 failed its MOT the other day as the "front exhaust has a major leak of exhaist gasses (7.1.2a)" This, i think, is due to a...
  4. LordDoig

    Broken bits and a big parts order...

    So... The Major (see avatar) has been behaving very well recently. It may have been a touch misguided, given the brake locking issues that caused my big crash, to drive it to Dundee and back on the dual carriageway twice in one day but hey, I live on the wild side. She made it, no...
  5. L


    Hi all, I don't suppose anyone has had any experience with anything like this. It seems to be a fix (temporary probably) for leaky head gaskets. My head's just gone, but can't get to fix it for a week.:rolleyes: So was wondering if this would do as a temp fix to get me to work and back all...
  6. Q

    Recurrent head gasket failure 300Tdi

    I have an M-reg, 1995m 300 Tdi, and in the last year I have a series of head problems. When it last failed in November, I tried to fix the root cause, so I changed the radaitor, water pump, theromostat and sensors, but it has just gone again. I caught it quickly and it did not overheat...
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