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gear box

  1. daveslatter

    Output Gear/Overdrive Adapter

    Hi All, I’m at the point in my gearbox rebuild where you would typically install the output gear. The issue is, the nut that fastens the gear to the shaft is “bottoming out” on the available thread. The picture below shows the oil guard, output gear and washers (x2) on the output shaft. You can...
  2. T

    No 2 wheel drive

    This is the first time I’ve done this so here goes! I have just purchased a series 3 2.25 diesel sort wheel base 1976 I took it out for a test drive no problems all drives like it should. I tried it in low range and that seams fine, moving red lever back Putting it back into high, red leaver...
  3. Y

    EGR valve light and advised to service gearbox

    Hi All, I have a 58 Discovery 3 with 61,000 miles. The dash warning light has come on and the garage has checked and it needs new EGR valves (£600). I only drive a few miles per day so I know this isn't great for the car but the garage is recommending a gearbox service (£300). I've seen a few...
  4. M

    Expired Chrysler 727 3 speed auto (minus transfer box)

    Hi All. I Have a Chrysler three speed automatic gearbox from a classic Range Rover. It was bought for the transfer box, which has now been removed, so the main gearbox is up for sale. Would like somewhere nearest £200, but am open to offers. Cash on collection from GL17 9Sr (Gloucestershire)
  5. J

    Clutch/gearbox problem and break fluid lead!

    Hi I have two potential problems with my Series 3 1972 88" Land Rover! 1. My clutch went, so my local garage fitted a new Borg and Beck (Good un apparently!) - it's working now great 98% of the time. But just very occasionally I get the odd grinding noise! I took it back to the garage but then...
  6. H

    Clutch or Gears -- Gears not engaging

    I have a 2005 Freelander but its off the road now last Saturday approaching the busy A40 Target roundabout in the process of changing gears from 5th I suddenly realised the gears were not engaging. Was in a panic for a second then just suddenly calmed and started looking at my options baring in...
  7. N

    Freelander 2 LE 2011 Gearbox woes

    Having some serious gearbox issues on my 2011 Freelander 2 LE (SD4 Diesel/Auto), wondering if anyone has had the same or even heard of this before? Symptoms are (all are very intermittent - apart form the noise which happens often): - Noise when shifting in low gears. Metallic/Scratchy -...
  8. tarathedog

    He's wrecked the gearbox or transfer box .... i think.. help with diagnosis please

    My sons car failed its MOT yesterday. So i lent him Landy to go to work. Got a phone call tonight to say the clutch had gone, he said that there was a bang and he had lost dive on a round about So like a good father i went to his rescue Well the clutch seemed fine but the hand brake...
  9. D

    200TDI Gearbox

    Hi all, has anyone had any dealings with a gearbox reconditioner by the name of David Boumont based in Yorkshire, I only ask because I have been caught out before with secondhand/recon box,and don't want to get caught again,any help greatly recieved,thank you
  10. B

    I think I have been tucked up!

    Just brought a disco 1 3.9 lpg, all fine and good when I drove it back from coventry to watford. But the next day it would not change out of 1st gear (its automatic). Now it only changes out of 1st when its warmed up, does any one now what could be the problem.
  11. Disco Richie

    "Tiff" noise when moving gear lever out of 5th gear into neutral

    I have noticed a brief "tiff" or brief air spit noise when coming out of 5th, it sounds like a very quick escape or release of air from a valve under the car or something like that. It does not sound like a mechanical tap or springing out component or anything like that. It only happens when...
  12. T

    ANybody have a Mainshaft socket for sale/hire for S3 Gbox?

    Hi, im looking for one of the above to buy or hire?! Only need to use it once, i'll pay for postage to send it to me, and for me to send it back and all the rest of it! Any help would be uper doooooper!! Thanks
  13. T

    Series 3 rear mainshaft nut- Help Please!!

    Hello, i expect there are loads of posts on this subject, but i thought Series 3 gearbox rebuilders unite in one triumphant feat to defeat the jumping out of gearness!!!! I recently rebuilt my gear box (1st time ever working on a gearbox!!) everything is happy, but when in 4th accelerating...
  14. T

    Series 3 Gearbox detent springs replacement- Bit of help Please!

    Hello hello! Im just about to replace the detent springs on my series 3 gear box and transfer box. Just wondering is it as simple as it looks? Ie, wip transmission tunnel off, take right angle brackets off from side of gbox top cover, out pops ball and spring, replace spring, put back togther...
  15. R

    Can anyone recommend a new engine for a Series 3

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum so bear with me. I recently bought a SWB Series 3 (88) Land Rover (1979). I wish to replace the existing engine with something a little more economical bearing in mind the inflation of petrol prices. So, can anyone out there recommend a new engine? It must run...
  16. T

    Why is my Series 3 jumping out of high range?

    Hi. I have just completely re-built the main gearbox on my series three. It all works fine apart from when i was testing it today it kept on jumping out of high range. Any ideas? If someone says the gear box will have to come out again there will be a bloke crying in somerset. i.e. me! Thanks
  17. T

    Series 3 gearbox reverse issues!

    Hello hello hello. Right, ive just put in a new gear box and clutch in my petrol series 3. I know the gear box is a good un, as i took it out of another land rover that i bought about 10 years ago, and the gear box had been reconned before i bought the truck. So with the new gear box in...
  18. S

    How Do I? Size and type - gear box tool

    Hello all. Can anyone tell me what type and size I need to take the gearbox filler plug off a Discovery 1 1997 manual. I have the wrong one so far. Thanks
  19. Big Sandy

    Repair Guide Gear Box Oil Change

    Time to get dirty again folks! :) Changing the oils in the gearbox (also referred to as ‘the transmission’) is a whole lot easier if you have access to a pit, but it’s easy enough to do it without, so not to worry. There is plenty of room for you to lie on the ground under the vehicle to access...
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