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  1. K

    Series 3 Gearbox alignment woes

    Evening all, I recently had the misfortune to have to rebuild reverse gear on my 2.25 petrol SWB, and as such had the gearbox out. Upon reassembly, driving with no floor, etc, it's all well, except I can't get the damned transmission tunnel to line up. It got new gearbox rubber mounts upon...
  2. C

    Gearbox/transfer racket

    Evening all, First post here ! Just bought myself a 63 series 2, it’s a bit of a battle bus but I love it all the same. Been fixing it up (had some major smoking issues, turned out to be injectors and timing). Either way I’m pretty much the archetype Haynes manual Warrior, no professional...
  3. J

    R380 oil change

    Got a 300tdi 1996. Which I’ve had for a few years, now but it’s in desperate need for a gearbox oil and transfer box oil change. for the gearbox I was going to replace what’s in their with mtf94 as from what I’ve read that’s the best stuff. Problem is I don’t know what’s in their at the moment...
  4. F

    Gearbox catastrophic failure

    Driving home last night in my 2011 discovery 4 (face lifted model) with 81k miles I experienced a sudden violent vibration from the front transmission. The gearbox warning display appeared and I lost almost all forward drive. I limped to a safe parking spot and found the car would not engage...
  5. P

    General Freelander Td4 2004 No Reverse Gear

    Please help! Just bought a 2004 Freelander TD4, all forward gears are working fine, but when selecting reverse it just revs. Once selected I hear the parking sensors initiate, and the reverse lights come on, but no drive. I have tried it around 10 times. Some times, but not all times, there...
  6. M

    Buying Freelander 1

    Hello Everyone I am in the early stages of research into buying a Freelander 1 for my daughter. Looking to buy a later model and not particularly bothered if its petrol or deisel. I am looking for a car that doesn't require anything major doing to it as 'Mechanic of Dad' is usually working...
  7. J

    HELP - major problems DIsco 4

    I do hope someone can help - my local specialist is stuck - my local auto gear box specialist is stuck. Disco 4, 3.0 TDV6, 2010, Auto either driving along or sat stationary all of a sudden the HDC failure light comes on, auto parking brake failure and gearbox failure light comes on. The gear...
  8. T

    Any advice appreciated !

    My 1999 TD5 Auto Disco 2 has stopped driving, the engine is fine but the gears do not seem to be receiving any power. I was reversing up hill out of a muddy field and had to rev more than normal to move and then suddenly reverse failed. I put her into drive and tried to drive forward which...
  9. H

    D2 Noise from transfer box when spinning front wheel

    Hi, i have a problem a really need help with. I have a 2002 D2 td5 commercial with a manual gear box, no center diff Lock. Done 216000 miles. From the front end she started making a solid knocking noise at random times. Even though once started the knock appeared to be road speed...
  10. O

    Expired Series 3 gearbox

    In the process of stripping for some bulkhead welding I discover I need to replace the bellhousing - has anyone got a scrap gearbox or an already dismantled bellhousing I can acquire/buy - preferably somewhere close to Swindon/Oxford area as SWMBO is getting a bit bored of weekends trekking all...
  11. R

    Transmission failure - Limited gears available

    Hi I Have a 2008 TDV8 with 100k. Before Christmas I had an electrical failure which dealer diagnosed as starter switch, now replaced. Since this was done i have had the Transmission failure message appear three times. i took it back to dealer and they want to replace the gearbox for £6k...
  12. M

    ECU remap causing gearbox reliability issues ?

    Hi All, possibly a question for Bemble ? I have a late 02 L322 TD6 5years now (current miles 185k, purchased at 104k), & gearbox reliability is terrible. It had a tuning box fitted since new & it had its third recon box fitted at 91k. , at about 120k the tuning box became faulty so I removed it...
  13. A

    Disco 3 2009 - Grinding noise when selecting gears with cold engine

    Hi All, I've been a reader of this site for a couple of years and have been very impressed with the expertise here so here is my first post. We have a 2009 Discovery 3 HSE and in the past week it has been making an awful grinding noise when selecting Drive. Normally we just select Park and...
  14. P

    Do I have a gearbox problem

    Hi, I just bought a '95 V8 Discovery. The engine runs like a clock. I can't get the Disco to move. Shifting gears and moving between Lo and Hi feels like positive shifts but no power gets transferred from the engine to the gearbox. The the transfer box and the gearbox engage on the driveshaft...
  15. T

    lt77 top housing selector unit snapped off

    My friend just had his gearbox rebuilt internal and even after this he was having problem finding gears to the point where he managed to snap the top off the gearbox! Is this weldable? What are they made of? If not has anyone got one or know where I can get one? Would need to be able to post...
  16. T

    Freelander 2.0 TD4 Jatco automatic gearbox issue

    Hi I have enjoyed this forum over the past years but never posted.. I have a Freelander 2.0 TD4 2002 (Right hand drive i.e the steering wheel is on the left side) and a Jatco automatic gearbox. I had a few issues with "clanking/banging" gear changes and followed the threads, changed a couple of...
  17. L

    Replacement Gearbox

    I've just been told the gear box in my s3 is done for - apparently not worth even trying to repair it. Not sure what my options are or how much it's going to cost me - I'm no mechanic (and don't have the time even if I were), so I'm reliant on my local garage (who are trustworthy and generally...
  18. P

    automatic gearbox levels p38 1998

    i have a 1998 p38 2.5dshe the gears are not changing as they should it stuggle to get to 55-60 engine is ok gearbox problem there are two small holes about an inch apart is that the level for the oil. or if anyone knows what might be wrong could they please let me know thank you
  19. D

    SIII gearbox woes

    Hi, new user, sorry if this has been asked before I did some searching but couldn't find anything relating to my specific problem. I have an ex military SIII which (apart from a list as long as my arm of things that don't work) the gearbox has very recently decided to stop selecting 3rd and...
  20. W

    L322 Gearbox required urgently

    Hi, My gearbox decided to fail on me this morning :( so I'm searching for a reconditioned box to fit (completed with torque convertor), anybody know of one kicking about I could get my hands on? I've found one at a company called Jon Daunter Ltd down in Gloucestershire at £1245 delivered to...
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