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  1. C

    Freelander clutch problem

    I have a 2007 diesel Freelander S TD4. 2 months ago, at 110,000 miles, the clutch went (clutch pedal down to floor, would not return, gears would not engage). I had the clutch, slave cylinder, etc, replaced. Fairly standard problem from what I can gather. Unfortunatley, in my case, that is not...
  2. D

    Disco 3 EPB/Gears

    Hi all, I've got a 05 plate Disco 3 TDV6 S manual. I've got a problem where I get an amber parking brake warning and a parking brake warning message when switching off. When this happens I also loose the gear selected display on the dash, cruise control and reversing lights/parking sensors...
  3. spirals

    Cannot select gears with engine running - options to check please

    Hi, I need some collective input please. Whilst off roading (dry conditions) I was suddenly unable to select gears with the engine running with no prior warning of any issues. Gears would select okay with engine off and I could start in gear. Immediately after the problem started there was...
  4. J

    Help Please!! Freelander Clutch/Hydraulics System..

    Hi All, Would really appreciate any advice on this please :) Basically, put my Freelander in for its MOT last year, was advised the clutch was on its way out (also the entire exhaust system). Got both done. The clutch had become difficult to engage - changing gears. After getting it done...
  5. L

    Jumping and loss of power

    HHmmm Ok it is more then likely something very simple or very expensive to fix:(.... I have a Land Rover Free lander petrol 1.8.... In the morning going to work no problem but in the afternoon or long trips when I am in 3rd gear or higher and put my foot on the gas it starts to kick back at me...
  6. G

    Gear Selection series 3

    Of late, on my series 3 petrol 2 1/4, Selection of gears has become progressively more difficult. Vehicle had a new gearbox fitted about 8k miles ago. It's now at the point I can only select gear by selecting low ratio and back! Is this a clutch fault or gearbox problem..any help appreciated...
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