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head gasket

  1. L

    White smoke from exhaust and it's not head gasket

    Wondering if I could get some advice please? 2005 vogue SE started to smoke a little, it's not head gasket, no brown or milky colour in oil, or on oil cap, isn't loosing any coolant, isn't over heating, smoke doesn't smell sweet. Upon start up, no smoke, of course apart from the odd puff of...
  2. R

    2010 RRS 5.0 SC Autobiography suspected head gasket failure

    Hello all, I own a RRS 2010 AB 5.0. Had for 4 years+ now 145,000 miles, changed nearly everything that typically goes on these (SuperCharger, Active Anti roll bars - front and back, exhaust, cats - both, air height compressor, and to cap it all off replaced the engine - reconditioned from up...
  3. A

    Head gasket and high pressure oil leak!

    Hi, so I have a 1999 defender 110 TD5. Recently it developed a pressurised coolant system which was a failing head gasket leading to exhaust in the coolant. So I have (following the haynes manual) replaced the gasket. I happened to have an AMC head lying around so stuck that on instead of the...
  4. G

    oil in the thermstat TD5 II

    Hi I have just managed to get my old thermostat out. The car had been overheating. I found the radiator was cold and it was using a lot of coolant. I tracked down some leaks, due to loose clips and at the time didn't know the correct procedure to get the air out of the system. On removing...
  5. S

    Head gasket saver on k series 1.8 engines

    As you probably know I have a freelander 1.8 in some serious need of tlc, i currently have the head stripped off the poor girl and Its looking good that the head is not warped, but I don't have the prrt mod yet, so I was wondering where can I get the grey prt that runs a little cooler as all I...
  6. L

    I'm new and clueless!

    :eek: Hi All, my name is Lauralai and I am the proud and nervous owner of a 67 series 2a. This was my daily driver years ago, pre kids, when it was just me and my Bull Terrier. I loved it. Well, it was put into storage about 10 years ago right after the engine was rebuilt. Then it was stolen :(...
  7. dave medlyn

    Head gasket question

    It's my birthday today, and my truck wished me in it's own way by chucking out white smoke from the exhaust and engine oil filler and all the water. I take it as being the head gasket?! What is the best replacement gasket and should I get the head serviced as well as the old girl has been...
  8. S

    Oil Cooler or head gasket-really need advice.

    I live in Greece so no local Land rover parts available. Yesterday after driving for 45 min the car lost a lot of power when accelerating. I noticed the temp gauge was at 3/4 way. I pulled in within 1 min. The top hose had burst, plus there was grey oil gunk all over the top of the engine. I...
  9. 9

    few questions head gaskets and tyres?!?

    hi guys back on here again having had no internet for ages. just have couple questions. has anyone had experience with a cheap head gasket? i did mine on my 300tdi disco last year and opted (maybe stupidly) for a cheaper gasket and now some of the same dreaded symtoms have started to appear...
  10. R

    '93 Disco 200Tdi (98000 miles) Possible Head Gasket

    Hi all My Fiancee broke down on the M1 on Friday - sudden overheating, loss of coolant etc. RAC diagnosed "possible" head gasket and recovered her home to Nottingham. I'm sort of competent and happy to replace the HG myself if that is what it is, but I need a second opinion from a good...
  11. L

    TD5 leaking coolant

    Hi, I have 1999 Defender with a td5, and I see that I lose about 100ml of coolant every time I start the engine from cold. When the engine is hot, it does not lose any coolant. There is pressure in the coolant system when it is cold. I do not see white smoke. I assume that there is a problem...
  12. P

    Lack of top end power

    Hi All Newbie needs advice! I've recently bought a TD5 110 with 100k on the clock (full service history). All good, except on the way home from buying it it overheated and left me on the side of the motorway. Head gasket. Gutted. :eek: Local specialist replaced head gasket, skimmed head...
  13. L

    Help!!! Is it My Head or What???

    Hi all, please could anyone offer a theory for my disco 300tdi! Sorry for long post! :rolleyes: A few weeks ago after a reletively long run, I pulled up to water pi**in from the beast! Looked like it was coming from the expansion tank cap! As was in a rush, left it over night, topped up the...
  14. C

    1990 200 TDI numerous symptoms, finding out on Sunday but what do YOU think?

    Hello all, I have got a thread currently running about this particular Landy called 'Head Gasket may have gone on Defender 200 Tdi-AAARH!!' but i dont think it is appropriate anymore (as it may not be the hg) so i have started this thread, i hope this is ok with everyone! I would love to hear...
  15. C

    Head Gasket may have gone on Defender 200 Tdi-AAARH!!

    Hi Im afraid im not clued-up on Landies but my Dad informs me his is a Defender 200 Tdi (which has done 170,000miles), so i hope that makes sense! Anyway, it has been gradually starting poorer and poorer and apparently loses power when he attempts to drive up a slight slope. At first i thought...
  16. d.vernon

    Td5 Just Overheated, won't start!!

    Hi All, Had the 4x4 caravan hooked headed for Pilansberg Game Reserve, half way I lost all the water. Heater pipe had been plugeed and the plug came out! Luckiliy we were towed back home by a Defender (Puma). Thanks Simon! Ok what next? I've plugged the pipe again filled up with water...
  17. frenchmikeP38

    P38 valve/exhaust diagnosis help pls

    Hi everyone, My first visit here, looks like a great forum and am glad to be a part of it. I have a very well looked after P38 4.6 Bosch that I really need a 2nd opinion on. 230,000 kms and serviced all the way, still has a light brown tarnish inside with no gunking. It has a very loud Valve...
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