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  1. T

    Suspected RRC 4.2 block/head crack or head gasket. Help please!

    Dear All, My brother has recently decided to get his 4.2 lse back on the road. Now its only been unused for about 2 months so nothing serious but we know it was pretty much out of petrol. So i went to start it and the engine turned over and did all that sort of thing as it would normally but...
  2. L


    Hi all, I don't suppose anyone has had any experience with anything like this. It seems to be a fix (temporary probably) for leaky head gaskets. My head's just gone, but can't get to fix it for a week.:rolleyes: So was wondering if this would do as a temp fix to get me to work and back all...
  3. S

    Head gasket replacement on TD5: How to build oil pressure??

    Hi, I'm getting dangerously close to finishing replacing the head gasket on my TD5. Can anyone tell me the best way to build oil pressure (on starter?) without getting it to fire? Is leaving injector loom disconnected enough? I'm sure I saw something on some forum somewhere but I'm b****red...
  4. d.vernon

    Td5 Just Overheated, won't start!!

    Hi All, Had the 4x4 caravan hooked headed for Pilansberg Game Reserve, half way I lost all the water. Heater pipe had been plugeed and the plug came out! Luckiliy we were towed back home by a Defender (Puma). Thanks Simon! Ok what next? I've plugged the pipe again filled up with water...
  5. B

    Series glow plugs in a 19j 2.5 diesel turbo.

    Hi you helpful bunch. I suppose it's a bad time to be asking questions, you'll all be enjoying the sun or working on the LRs. Anyway, does anyone know if the Series glow plugs - the parallel ones that upgrade from the old wire type - will fit into a 19j 2.5 diesel turbo? The 2.5 ones are years...
  6. Q

    Recurrent head gasket failure 300Tdi

    I have an M-reg, 1995m 300 Tdi, and in the last year I have a series of head problems. When it last failed in November, I tried to fix the root cause, so I changed the radaitor, water pump, theromostat and sensors, but it has just gone again. I caught it quickly and it did not overheat...
  7. Fear the power of the 2.25!!!

    Fear the power of the 2.25!!!

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