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  1. S

    Early Series 2a Headlamp Bezel

    Hi there, I'm looking for the part number/supplier for the inner bezel of a headlamp assembly for an early ('62) series 2a, Lucas 700 unit. These appear to come in three pieces and I'm looking for the furthest inner piece which retains the headlamp unit which measures approx. 7/8" (22 mm)...
  2. D

    Relay switch for Headlights on a Discovery 2 (1993)

    Hi, I need to find the Relay Switch for the headlights on my Discovery 2 (1993) TDI before Wednesday if possible as it has to have it's French MOT which is very tough. I have spent a packet importing my Discovery and getting everything fixed to meet French regulations but my French mechanic says...
  3. dumdums

    Diped beam problem...

    There is always room for another non-working headlamp post! OK all bulbs are fine. All switches appear to be fine, however no driver side dipped beam. There is no power going to it. A big problem is PO has put in new fuse box and I think changes some wire colouring. The feed should come from...
  4. barondeblot

    New Headlamps, clips breaking on Discovery 1

    Today I installed new Headlamps on our Disco 1 97 300tdi and unfortunately the 3 little plastic cup shaped clips on both headlights lost at least 1 segments each when I tâpped the units into position. I did not take the retaining clips out of the disco since I did not want to lose the height...
  5. B

    TD5 Headlamp leveller

    Just failed MOT because headlamp levellers are constantly driving both headlamps fully down. Everything switched off and headlamps re-adjusted manually; when ignition switched on lights are driven down again. The garage could not find the fault so the mechanic disconnected the headlamp motors...
  6. X

    Headlight masking for European motoring?

    I'm off to Germany on Sunday. My Freelander 2 handbook contains no information on how to mask the headlights for driving on the wrong side of the road. I visited my dealer yesterday and drew a blank there too. They didn't have a clue what I needed to do to the headlights to prevent me...
  7. Somerset

    How Do I? 1999 110 headlamps

    Happy New Year to all! My 1999 110 has some sort of problem with the headlamps. Every once in a while, when you go to switch on the headlamps, you get nothing at all. Sometimes, there may be a hesitation and then the headlamps switch on. If you hold back the highbeams lever then you can get...
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