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  1. R

    Headlights loom replacement,

    Greetings all, So after having changed my headlights switch twice I ordered from Paddock Spares the loom upgrade. The installation is rather simple except for the fact that the cable provided didn't quite reach to the battery and I had to extend it. Ok so I didn't unplug the battery as the...
  2. C

    Defender 01 Lights All Went Out

    Driving along a mountain road and the lights, dash, headlights, sidelight and tail-lights went off momentarily then went off completely. Only able to see by pulling the beam stalk and could not keep this up given the lack of tail-lights on a pitch black mountain road. I've checked fuses, all...
  3. S

    Headlights and rear wiper issues

    Good morning everyone , Some times I think that my discovery ( TD5 - 2003) has taken a personal dislike to me as every time I think that I am on top of the problems another one comes along . but to the fault ....:) About a month a go the intermittent windscreen wipers stopped working and...
  4. T

    1988 Land Rover 90 HI/LOW beam problem

    Hi Does anyone know if the low beam lights are supposed to stay on with the high beam lights, The hi/low switch has been replaced for the MOT and the mechanic said that changing the switch would stop this but it hasn't. So i Dont want to take it for a retest and fail on this, On my 2a the hi and...
  5. F

    Help needed with l322 headlights

    Hi all, I have just purchased 2nd hand L322 Headlights and front end for my P38, but silly me didnt take off the headlight covers to see the inside of the lights... basically, the people who did this guy's conversion have butchered pretty much all of the wiring inside the lights. What I need...
  6. J

    L322 colour coded headlights

    Hi there Does anybody know how to remove the lens from the headlights of an L322 so that I can get inside to colour code them as below. From this....... To this......... Thanks guys
  7. sundogcwolfe

    Dim dip low beam troubles. Arrrrrrghhhhhhhh.

    So my right low beam saga continues............ Facts. No power to right low beam to the fuse from dash. Problem numb 2 . I am a dim bulb with regard to understanding dim dip circuit. I read posts that dim dip relay is unnecessary so I pulled it to see if that could be associated with...
  8. A

    Ticking noise on main beam

    I have 1994 V8 Automatic LR Discovery. When the engine is running with the headlights on main beam (only) there is a ticking noise coming from roughly underneath the automatic gear stick. It stops when the beam is lowered. With the engine off theris no noise with the ignition off but the...
  9. P

    Electrics - Headlights

    Hi, recently a wire burntout in mu landy which powers the headlights, since then i have replace the burntout wire, replaced the indicator stalk. The horn and indicator are working fine, but the headlights dont work. I have two spots on the front which work, i have noticed on the dash that the...
  10. Somerset

    How Do I? 1999 110 headlamps

    Happy New Year to all! My 1999 110 has some sort of problem with the headlamps. Every once in a while, when you go to switch on the headlamps, you get nothing at all. Sometimes, there may be a hesitation and then the headlamps switch on. If you hold back the highbeams lever then you can get...
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