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help needed

  1. R

    Dead battery, locked doors, ANGRY NEIGHBOURS!!!

    Hi everyone I'm new here. Bought a 2002 TD5 disco 2 on the weekend and the battery went flat tonight, jumped her back to breath then drove home, locked her and forgot my bag in the car, blip won't work to unlock her and its rather late, I'm also up early for work and would rather not set off the...
  2. W

    automatic gearbox problems

    I recently bought a 2003 range rover vogue diesel I have had the transfer box recently worked on to rid me from the transfer fail prog problems. Now though when I put my foot down the car responds well but when I come to a halt the car starts to judder like it's trying to stall. If I put the...
  3. K

    Disco td5 whining sound coming from turbo i think..

    Hi again, On my disco 2 td5 ive recently installed a side exit exhaust and a straight through pipe (i do think it is coincidence but thought id mention it incase the exhaust is to blame). The first couple of days it was fine but then i decided to have a small drag race against a mate in an...
  4. J

    Newbie to Disco... In need of advice.

    Hi all I just recently picked up a discovery 1 300tdi auto (last week), however it does have a few issues. First one was master cylinder. That was replaced this morning and this then highlighted a couple of more pressing issues. 1. Seat belts... what seat belts? Turns out all the seat...
  5. C

    Formal Complaint - HELP!

    Hi there, just had my Discovery serviced to change front panel of the radio... I could get that done for £40-50 quid but choose to take in to the dealer as the service will be "specialised" after 2 hours waiting, Lady just said that she had bad news... when they are trying to remove the front...
  6. series3mad

    3.5 efi first start oil pressure problem

    today i tried to start my newly rebuilt 3.5 efi, i first turned it over with the coil disconnected and got oil pressure, then i started it with oil pressure, then i stopped it and started it again and couldn't get the oil pressure to return. the only things i can think of are that the oil...
  7. B

    series 3 snorkel

    hi im a complete newb to tinkering with my s3 (or any car), im looking into getting a snorkel fitted to my s3 when searching there doesnt seem to be many for s3 neerly all 90/110 etc, would these fit my s3? also there seems to be two groups of prices one around £70/£80 then the other £150+ is...
  8. series3mad

    v8 throttle cable for defender

    hi guys I have fitted a 3.5efi flapper type v8 to my defender, I ordered a efi throttle cable from rimmer bros, but is to long I suspect that it's for a hotwire engine, any ideas on one the right length? cheers
  9. E

    Defender front washer - urgent

    Hi, The front part of my front windscreen washer flew of my defender while driving down the motorway. ?Have bought a replacement from ;landrover dealer bargain six pounds but am short on time. There were two parts inh the bag, a small cylinder with a spring and ball inside and a larger part...
  10. H

    "offside ball joint" - HELP PLEASE!

    hey guys, i just got my first land rover defender 90 diesel tdi today :):):):):) well, the guy i bought it off got an mot done, its all find, but one comment that was made was the following : "- 1) offside (drop arm) ball joint has slight play" ummm, anyone got any idea of what that is...
  11. J

    p38 lumpy tickover- 2.5 bmw diesel

    my 1999 p38 fitted with the 2.5 bmw diesel engine has a problem only on start-up, it runs on 4 or 5 cylinders for approx 20 seconds then it settles down and runs smoothly........any ideas please ????
  12. sniff my diff

    ** SOS ** Help Needed for Landytom broken down in Driffield

    HI Chaps, Thurs 7th May 2009 - 5pm Just had an SOS call from LandyTom (tom bonner), he was on his way to Driffield for this weekend and is currently 12 miles outside of Driffield and his timing belt has gone, he has taken part of the head off and noticed that one of the Con rods has broken...
  13. hillbilly

    67 sII diesel tech specs

    Well here we go gents,I am in the middle of a 2.25 D rebuild down here in Costa Rica.I have managed to gather almost all of the parts needed to complete the task but I need some help with the tech specs.I am looking for the diameter on the main and journal of the crank and all related torque...
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