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  1. B

    Air Conditioning Help needed

    Hi, I have a 2006 Range Rover Sport 2.7D HSE, I have an Air con gremlin and need help to sort, I've had a new Air con condenser, been re-gassed 3 times over the last few months and different people tell me they know what the problem is. Basically the Aircon just works when it wants to, i could...
  2. FrankKenya

    Need urgent advice on Defender 110 2006 Fuse Box!

    I'd really appreciate some advice urgently. I've got a Defender 110 2006 TD5 which has been great since I bought it new and really reliable but I've hit a snag and need some advice, as a non-specialist. I hit a bad hole on safari in Kenya and two hours later on a tarmac road in Northern Kenya my...
  3. series3mad

    3.5 flapper fuel pressure problem

    I've just rebuilt my 3.5 flapper and have checked it over, however my fuel pressure in the rail seems to drop as the revs increase and the car only revs to about 2000rpm under acceleration, i suspect that the fuel pump is not allowing enough flow or the filter is blocked. any help?
  4. series3mad

    r380 on to 200tdi

    hi guys my ashcroft recon lt77 gearbox is nakerd so I want be using them again , but what is needed to fit an r380 to my 200tdi, are they differant lengthes. :confused: cheers george :feodorwina:
  5. series3mad

    britpart heavy duty clutch

    hi guys I fitted a britpart heavy duty 200tdi clutch and it has started to jodder when pulling away. thanks
  6. series3mad

    fitting a r380 to a 200tdi

    hi guys my ashcroft recon lt77 gearbox is nakerd so I want be using them again, but what is needed to fit an r380 to my 200tdi, are they differant lengthes. cheers george
  7. J

    should have done this 2 months ago

    Can't see to find the noob section. i suppose this is it. looking to buy about 10 - 11 grands worth of short wheel base chunkiness. Need at least 5 seats. I know absoutely naff about landrovers and would really appreciate some links to advice. Nice to see a polite and (fairly) on topic forum!
  8. G

    Any help please new freelander owner

    Hi, i got a problem with my landrover freelander masai 1.8i engine ,53 plate model:( The problem i have is when i engage 4x4 mode in first gear green light comes on steady to confirm, then i pull away in first all is still fine but when i put the clutch down to change into second a grinding...
  9. M

    HELP! 200tdi disco has no drive

    Hi everyone please can someone help me? I have a 1993 discovery 200tdi, after a journey yesterday i got home put the brakes on an dipped the clutch i felt a judder and heard some odd clunks vehicle in reverse and started to reverse in to the drive, when I heard another odd noise, and completely...
  10. S

    L322 Washer issue

    Hi - Can hear the motors but no fluid spraying? Bottle is full to the brim? any help or advice? Thanks
  11. N

    bad steering vibration please help

    hi i have got a 1989 110 which has all of a sudden started to vilently shack when i hit a bumo in the road so much so that i dont dare to go above 30mph or it shakes out of control. i have tried most things eg new dampener, checked wheel berings and for play in swivels ,have set the tracking...
  12. L

    Jumping and loss of power

    HHmmm Ok it is more then likely something very simple or very expensive to fix:(.... I have a Land Rover Free lander petrol 1.8.... In the morning going to work no problem but in the afternoon or long trips when I am in 3rd gear or higher and put my foot on the gas it starts to kick back at me...
  13. sniff my diff

    ** SOS ** Help Needed for Landytom broken down in Driffield

    HI Chaps, Thurs 7th May 2009 - 5pm Just had an SOS call from LandyTom (tom bonner), he was on his way to Driffield for this weekend and is currently 12 miles outside of Driffield and his timing belt has gone, he has taken part of the head off and noticed that one of the Con rods has broken...
  14. P

    How Do I? Is my Disco Dead? Please Help

    Hi there, I'm new, so apologies if I've posted in the wrong forum or anything, I'm trying to get a feel for the site, & hoping some of you may be able to help me with some advice. Took my Disco for it's MOT, It failed horribly, only got about half way through the test, before the tester ran...
  15. T

    Baffled by ignition... please help...

    hey, im new to this forum, i own a 1984 110 200tdi, have just fitted a new bulkhead loom (had a couple minor fires, and was originally a v8 so old loom had been adapted not replaced), and am awaiting an engine loom from auto sparks, should be here any day soon... :) the current problem is that...
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