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  1. D

    2012 RRS - Buttons and Paddles, AAC Forward Alert not working + Airbag light on

    Hi there everyone So I have what seems like a whole collection of issues. A friend of mine just replaced the steering rack on my RRS after an accident. When I started the car up today I got the following: 'Forward Alert not working' message from the Adaptive Cruise Control The airbag...
  2. C

    Fuel guage and Horn stopped working

    Hi, At the same time both horn and fuel guage ceased working on my 1998 Defender SWB. I do not have a fuse board or relay diagram inside my fuse box cover, can anyone with experience point to a single mode of failure before I start searching ? Do any of the relays have any effect on this issue ...
  3. R

    L322 - where is the horn?

    I bought my nice new air horns (like I have had all on my cars since I was born), and popped outside to fit them to my 'new' 2004 RR, only to be flumuxed. For the first time ever, I am unable to locate the factory-fitted horn! I can hear that it is somewhere near the driver's side headlight...
  4. M

    HELP! Defender Horn keeps going off

    Having just bought the Defender I have always wanted (Defender TD5 03) I was horrified when the horn started sounding for no apparent reason on Saturday. Continuous horn that woiuld only stop when key was in the ignition on position 2 - and started again as soon as key removed. Was resolved...
  5. G

    `03 TD5 starting problem

    Had the 3 amigo lights on-mechanic changed shuttle valve and lights went off.Came on a day later and would reset when engine was turned off,but come back on intermitently.Going back to garage for further investigation - but- put a new horn button on today.A simple enough job? should have been...
  6. L

    2002 Range Rover Horn Not Working

    I bought a 2002 Range Rover P38 in August of '08. I was able to get a great price on this low mileage Rangie. It did have a lot of problems for which I was prepared. The last problem yet to be solved is that of the horn. It has never worked. I have done the following: 1. Checked the fuses...
  7. B

    Horn Covers Disco 2

    The left hand small black plastic horn cover as fitted to the steering wheel has broken and I am being told that they only come with complete horn units at silly money for this purpose! Does anyone know where I may be able to find this small item? Mine is a 2002 TD5 Disco Appreciate your...
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