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  1. M

    Series 1 88 Rewired but won’t fire

    Hi all, new to the forum and in need of some help/advice. Finally got myself an auto sparks wiring loom to replace the very DIY wiring I had. Everything is wired up as it should, lights, dash, wipers, horn etc. No problems there however it simply will not start, turns over freely no problem at...
  2. S

    no spark

    hi I have got a series 3 petrol 2.25 1975 I bought it a few weeks ago after it sitting in a field for about 8 years I have had the engine running but it cut out and has since had no spark I am thinking that it is the distributor at fault but I am unsure what to do from now i have found...
  3. MattHunt

    Td5 ignition switch grub screws

    Hello Mildred's new ignition switch arrives today. I need to locate some grub screws but cannot find out what size they are. Any suggestions please? Thanks Matt
  4. C

    300tdi ignition switch wiring

    Can I please get someone to confirm the wiring for the ignition switch, looks like what I have is wrong and need to correct it to: pos 1 white/red pos 2 brown pos 3 white pos 5 orange/white Thanks
  5. A

    Freelander Di 2l starting problems

    Hi all I have a T-reg Freelander Di (D) 2L. We've recently purchased the landy but are having trouble with the starting. When putting the key into the ignition barrel, I turn the key, to I and II, everything lights up and looks good. Then I turn to ignite engine and we have intermittent...
  6. E

    Freelander 1.8petrol 2004 - Starting problem

    Hi there, got what looks like a common issue from searching the forums but I could do with some help on this one... The car will sometimes start normally on the turn of the key but other times you turn the key and literally nothing happens - No cranking or anything but there is a click from a...
  7. Børge Pedersen

    Engine immobilisation - Cant turn key

    Hi My problem started as an engine immobilisation issue, i suppose. It seems to work in mysterious ways! However, no I can't even turn my key around in the ignition. Thus I can's start the car and I can't even open the steering wheel lock. Any ideas? Børge LR Disco 2 - 2003
  8. D

    How Do I? Automatic Distributor Advance 3.9 V8

    Now I realise that I might be WAY OFF here, but I have got to get this off my chest and ask if anyone here knows of any lawful impediment for this idea or if there is an easier way that doesn't involve ££££££? I have been messing around with Ignition advance and I have two settings... One for...
  9. C

    Ignition key falls out of my defender!

    Hi all Just wanted to share this with you all - I was shocked recently when the well worn key on my Defender fell out of the ignition when I was going around a corner !! The dealer said I needed a new barrel .. but I just had a new key cut and the new one doesn't fall out - and the new key...
  10. N

    Power loss, ignition, brakes....and then some

    Have an 89 Def 90. 2.5 turbo diesel Problem is sometimes and not always the engine wont fire up. Has a new starter but when I turn the key there is nothing and then a click but no cranking over. Sometimes it takes a few turns of the key and it catches, sometimes longer. Is this ignition...
  11. T

    04 L322 not turning over

    Hello Everyone, this website is a great resource for us LR owners. I brought a 2004 L322 Vogue with 70000 miles last Oct (09) I love the car, but it is the most unreliable car i have ever owned. So far i have spent over £4000 repairing it..... Its latest problem is that it doesn't...
  12. Disco Richie

    Sticky ignition key / lock

    I have to play about with the ignition key sometimes to get it to turn at all, it is not the steering lock holding it up but just the gubbins of the key hole itself. It might be a little dry as there is very very fine metal dust around the key hole. I'm sure its a no no to conventionally...
  13. R

    MSD CD ignition upgrade

    Has anyone any real experience of fitting an MSD CD Ignition on a 3.9 V8. duel fuel. eg. will it work, what do you do with the extra connections on the coil, fuel resitors etc. I want more efficient sparks
  14. Adler

    Ignition and carb advice for a 2.5 petrol

    I have a 1989 2.5 petrol engine in my '72 88", with a Zenith carb and manifold from the old 2.25 petrol, plus a sports exhaust and manifold. The carb has the same jets as when running the 2.25. Problems and questions are as follows: Q1. Contact breaker gap keeps closing - sometimes after 1km...
  15. R

    Discovery 300 TDi starting problem

    Hi all, I have a 1997 Discovery 300 TDi. Yesterday and today it refuses to start. Engine turns over OK, battery has plenty of charge and their is about half a tank of fuel. Symptons are the glow plug warning light does not come on at all, engine turns but does not start. I swapped the...
  16. Malcolm Tent

    SIII Electrical Problem - Help Needed

    I'd be grateful for some advice as I've just had the following problem and I'm somewhat baffled. I needed to re-route the wiring from the steering column fuse box, as it was all pinched in a narrow gap between the ignition switch and the dash. I drilled a hole in the dash behind the lower...
  17. T

    Baffled by ignition... please help...

    hey, im new to this forum, i own a 1984 110 200tdi, have just fitted a new bulkhead loom (had a couple minor fires, and was originally a v8 so old loom had been adapted not replaced), and am awaiting an engine loom from auto sparks, should be here any day soon... :) the current problem is that...
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