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  1. A

    Reset immobiliser for new engine ECU

    Hi everyone, I have a 54-plate petrol Disco 3. I had a problem where all the cluster lamps lit up and the engine wouldn't crank, which I eventually tracked down to the engine ecu being dead. In the Disco 3, it sits in a box (together with the transfer case ecu) behind the battery tray, at the...
  2. P

    How Do I? 2007 Defender Puma - Car Battery Change question

    Hi everyone, My beloved Defender (2007 Puma TDCi) battery seems to be failing (struggling to start in the cold mornings - ok by the afternoon). I have bought a replacement battery but before I commit to fitting would like to ask the following: 1. Is it a simple remove and replace job? 2. Do I...
  3. normis99

    Remote key FOB problem

    Hello everyone! Discovery 1, 1997, Lucas 3TXB two button remote (only one). Sometimes stops responding, can't unlock with the button, can't turn off immobiliser. EKA code unknown. Thought the remote is misbehaving, ordered another one from Remotekey.eu They send a programmer thing that you...
  4. J

    Will turnover but start

    A bit of back round to what I have done. I have taken my 2003 1.8 petrol freelander and a got a donor TD4 freelander (which was running) and swapped every over (wiring loom, ecu, ews, body control module, dash, ect ect) First problem I had was temp gauge was on full...
  5. boddamese

    Range Rover Classic 3.9 - wont fire up after removing immobiliser

    The saga so far... The Range Rover arrived about 2 months ago with an aftermarket immobiliser fitted. It was occasionally not allowing the engine to start and the sounder under the bonnet was broken open and had water in it. Having had problems with dodgy immobilisers in the past it looked like...
  6. Ash[TM]

    Alarm rant. Grrrrrr.

    My alarm & immobiliser (on my 1996 300tdi) are really getting on my nerves! Does anyone have a wiring diagram at all, so I can butcher the blooming thing and re-wire everything? Every May (every mid May, in fact) the whole system seems desperate to wish me a happy birthday by testing my...
  7. D

    Nokia phone cradle removal

    I have very recently purchased a Freelander TD4 ES 2002 - it has a Nokia mobile phone cradle. I would like to remove this - I am considering cutting the cable and insulating each of the small wires and pushing it behind the centre console never to be seen again! Does anyone know if there is any...
  8. S

    Another Immobiliser Problem

    Ive recently bought a 95 Discovery. Its great and i love it. Recently Ive been having problems with the Alarm/Immobiliser. I think it may be the fob as i cant seem to lock or unlock the doors with the fob. Im currently using the security code. Ive ordered a new fob (2-button) from the internet...
  9. X

    TD5 now wont start

    I am having a promblem with my 2006 Defender TD5. Just pulled up at a shop, locked with the keyfob, came back out of shop and unlocked with fob...The alarm went off for a second and then stopped. I tried to start it, but when i turn the ignition on, the dash lights come on and after a second or...
  10. Steve C

    Disabling immobiliser

    Hi, Can anyone help please? My 1998 110 defender had an intermittent fault with the immobiliser which would termpoarily immobilise the car for about 20 minutes until it decided to change it's mind and start working again. However, three days ago it immobilised itself and will not now disengage...
  11. G

    `03 TD5 starting problem

    Had the 3 amigo lights on-mechanic changed shuttle valve and lights went off.Came on a day later and would reset when engine was turned off,but come back on intermitently.Going back to garage for further investigation - but- put a new horn button on today.A simple enough job? should have been...
  12. dkmlondon

    Immobiliser issues

    I am having an issue with my td5 90 xs (2004) which has had the wonderful J.E.Engineering stage 2 upgrade a few years ago. The immobiliser used to kick in when left unlocked for more than 10 mins or so, as it should. But more recently it has kicked in immediately, and the normal lock/unlock...
  13. H

    immobiliser, battery in backwards

    1996 land rover discovery sd. Like an idiot i reconnected my battery backwards. After re-connecting the thing properly, when i try to start the thing will cut out after turning over. I figure it is my alarm immobiliser. I don't have a spider box under the dash. any idea how i can fix this...
  14. sharpy1980

    Disco central locking, starter, e-window fault

    Hi I've got a fault with a 93 Discovery 200 Tdi, the starter wont operate but at the same time the cental locking and elec windows stopped working, the cars starts fine when bridging the solonoid and I've checked the fuses and relays which seem ok and click when turning the key, I've checked all...
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