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  1. Stravaiging

    Temporary insurance recommendations

    Morning all, I've been looking into temporary insurance to cover me on a couple of test drives and noticed that most of them state that the car can't be modified and have more than 8 seats. What counts as a seat in a 110 Station Wagon? I'm looking at one that's set up with 4 front-facing seats...
  2. M

    Series 3 Classic Car Insurance??

    Hello LRUK, I am 18 and wanting to buy a LR Series 3 109. My biggest problem is trying to find sensibly priced insurance, classic car insurance is usually cheap however only available for over 25's. Any advise on where to look?
  3. E

    Insurance for non UK residents on overseas licence

    Hello, hello! We are two well-meaning Kiwis who are looking at buying a UK based Defender for use on our annual month long visits. We have found what we believe is the right vehicle (a 1998 300Tdi 110), have had it checked over, and are ready to proceed with the purchase. The trouble is...
  4. Otley's Owner

    Dash cams

    I've noticed that over the last couple of years there has been a growth in the use of dash cams. I'm sure they are great for recording interesting or unusual road trips (or off-road trips - intentional or otherwise!), but I wonder if with their growing popularity it is only a matter of time...
  5. A

    Insurance for 12 seater defender 110

    I have a defender 110 TD5 (year 2000) with 12 seats. I was advised when I bought it to insure it with the NFU as they understood land rovers. I did this for 10 years but when the premiums went up ridiculously I found that Direct line would insure it for a lot less. Turns out that once they find...
  6. S

    V5 Defender Vehicle Decription

    Just a quick question whether anyone can point me to a list of correct V5 vehicle descriptions for Defender models. It appears that insurance companies like the vehicle to match their decritption on the computer which I assume comes from the V5 to avoid additional premiums for "modified...
  7. C

    insurance for my 2a

    Hi - still new to this and was told that i could get cheap insurance on a 2 a that ive recently bought. So far ive been quoted 260 and refused by another company (has had a 2.5 turbo- old! fitted) Does anyone know of a cheap way to insure it please? Cheers. (im 57 and have 9 yrs no claims no...
  8. L

    17 year old insurance on Land Rover?

    Hi, I wonder if you could help me. I am about to turn 17, and will be doing my lessons and test as soon as possible. Once I've passed my test I'd be looking to get a Land Rover 90. The vehicle will be a 1986 – 1989 Land Rover 90. I will be doing limited mileage (probably...
  9. T

    re Insurance renewal

    Just had my insurance renewal document through for Heisenberg. Insured with Lancaster last year, 3rd party fire and theft, no no claims bonus, (I'm 29 btw), policy £140, not bad I though for my first insurance. Also was told that I'd accrew a no claims bonus, and no wording on the policy or...
  10. S

    Insuring a 300tdi hard top for private, non-commercial or business use.

    Afternoon all, I've got a bit of a predicament that I hope you might be able to give some help and advice with, and will greatly appreciate all inputs. I'm fortunate enough to have retired from work and bought a 4.3 acre smallholding where we have an assortment of livestock. This is a...
  11. Saratoga

    Defender Insurance

    Hiya Folks I've been offered a 50th Anniversary Defender SWB (1998, 4.0 V8 Auto) as a loan vehicle and considering it is worth over £10k I was wondering how to approach it with regards to insurance. Obviously I would want to be insuring it for fully comprehensive, but considering companies...
  12. lvdxd00

    classic insurance

    Just got a 1966 swb ragtop and need to insure it, my current insurer wont cover it as it is over 30 years old, can anyone recommend any firms
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