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  1. M

    Bypassing IRD Cooler?

    One of my Freelanders has a water leak from the IRD cooler. Is it possible to bypass this without causing any damage? I've heard to replace the cooler, the IRD needs removed but I haven't time at the moment to do this.
  2. M

    Thump thump thump thump when cornering, vcu gone?

    Hi guys, Recently i have been getting a thumping noise comming from the centre of the car when I turn, not always on full lock either, the car isnt skipping on full lock either just the noise. Is this my vcu goosed? or the IRD? if it is only the vcu is it possible to replace it before it...
  3. M

    Freelander - automatic gearbox problems ?

    I've got a 2L Freelander td4 ES automatic (diesel) and just been told that my gearbox needs replacing at 71k miles. The gearbox oil was changed at 49k and been regularly. I've also got a metal scraping sound that someone suggested could be the IRD. As only a mere woman I wonder if anyone else...
  4. R

    freelander -- gearbox or ird??

    struggling with this one.. freelander 2000 model.. 1.8 manual.. propshaft to rear removed . about a month ago , driving along merrily .. pulled up to stop street , put it into first and heard a loud thunk! no more drive . got the car home.gear selection is fine.. put it in first , release the...
  5. M

    Drive shaft Oil Leak

    Hi I own a 2000 2.0 Diesel Freelander Since last Friday I'm noticing oil drops under the engine. After inspection I think they're coming from the RH Drive Shaft. I guess the oil seal has worn off. What oil is that? IRD or Gearbox Oil? It's yellow in colour, and i find a drop of 5cm in diameter...
  6. D

    Freelander IRD Unit - transfer box

    OK when it comes to mechanics I'm a Luddite! Can someone advise please: I have just bought a reconditioned gearbox for my 1999 Freelander and it has arrived at my garage. I am now told by my mechanic that I also need to replace the IRD Unit. Part No. TAG000230. Now I have read on this forum that...
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