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  1. BrAinZ

    Are the wheels falling off my wagon?

    Hi Guys.. Need a little more advice please. I've had a problem where I have a strange noise/juddering from the rear of my Freelander. Tends to be most noticeable when hard turning left, but also a bit when turning right. The best way I can describe it is as if I was in an old wooden wagon...
  2. D

    M reg v8 disco problem newbie needs help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi all, New to this so bear with me. Recently bought a disco V8 3.9 es m reg, was idling a little roughly on petrol, so carried out a decent service filters, plugs, leads, oil etc... no joy still idling a bit rough but starts first time. Had it put on lpg now when under load the engine picks...
  3. M

    TD5 Disco 2 (2004) Running rough on holiday in France

    My Disco 2 td5 is suddenly running a bit rough, sounds like it's on only 4 cylinders. The engine seems to be labouring and is shaking the whole car like a judder particularly at low revs. It also doesn't pull away smoothly although it doesn't cut out but does sound a bit more noisy at times...
  4. N

    puma engine judder & loss of power at speed

    HI all, I have a new puma engined landie. It judders in first or second gear, noticable when pulling out of side streets and also when booting it up hill. It is not a clutch issue as it happens when the the clutch is not being used (booting up a hill) the dealership said there was nothing wrong...
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