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  1. H

    Air con l322 šŸ˜©

    Hi all, recently purchased my dream car, RR vogue SE A 3.6 TDV8. Absolutely lovely to drive and got it for a bargain price, only issue Iā€™m finding is the A/C. Had it gassed up as it was empty, no leaks etc detected, after about a month the drivers side vents donā€™t get cold, passenger side is...
  2. B

    Help, i wanna join the club. Second hand Freelander 2 facelift.

    Cheers guys, i'm looking for a 2011 Freelander 2 around 8000ā‚¬ and i found something, here in Romania, but i'm not really sure that is what it say it is. My concern is the rear handle that looks like on the previous version of FR2. Is there a model that keeps the old handle design? Also...
  3. T

    Series 2A Winches (Advice)

    Dear All, v A strange question for those rivet counters out there indeed! I was wondering if you could give me some help with winches for my series 2A (1965) 109". I'm looking for a suitably powerful winch to tow myself and others as I mainly use Elsie (LR) on our farm and am hoping to do some...
  4. LR90 lad

    Expired For sale - Landrover 90 - Completely rebuilt

    A Completely rebuilt 1984 Landrover 90 with a 3.9 EFI V8 and autobox conversion Below is a brief list of the work carried out New swivel balls, bearings, grease, wheel bearings, diff oils New TD5 front vented discs and calipers fit, new brake lines and braided hoses all round including...
  5. A

    new Member First Defender 90

    Hi all I am calling from Yorkshire and this is a hello :bigwave: and a cry for help. I am looking for a panel beater/mechanic in the yorkshire/howden/goole/leeds area to help me with my Defender which rolled once yesterday - due to a dodgy trailer with a full load:dunno: It still drives...
  6. mohamadtalari

    My Series 3

    Hi guys I'm Mohamad from Tehran/Iran. I created the this post for share my landy photo and other land rovers in Iran. Sorry I can't speak good English. This is My Series 3 - (Assembly by Morattab Manufacturer) : Morattab Industrial Manufacturing Company was founded in 1957, initially as an...
  7. fast1rac

    Discovery 2 ABS TC and hill descent Lights

    Hello The ABS TC HD Lights has come on my 2002 TD5 disco i had a look under the bonnet today and seen this conector could this be my problem ? Its on inside of the passager side wing Many thanks James
  8. T

    Freelander 11 Rear Seat Air Bags - Dash Warning Light

    I have a 2007 GSL Td4 Freelander 2, several weeks ago a fault developed with the rear air bag warning indicator on the dash. Very often the air bag warning light will not go out on the dash. Only after the vehicle has been parked over-night will the indicator go out on first start up in the...
  9. N

    Power loss, ignition, brakes....and then some

    Have an 89 Def 90. 2.5 turbo diesel Problem is sometimes and not always the engine wont fire up. Has a new starter but when I turn the key there is nothing and then a click but no cranking over. Sometimes it takes a few turns of the key and it catches, sometimes longer. Is this ignition...
  10. R

    I found these, very cool

    Land Rover Cufflinks http://www.poshcuffs.co.uk/cufflinkpages/489-land-rover-cufflinks.php
  11. dlloydj

    military registration series 1

    I've posted before but didn't get enough leads. We're rebuilidng 1955 series 1 (we've had for 30 years) that has purported military history VIN 57107875, and this is supported by its 1960's registration EUX527C. First i'm trying to get the military history, and second i'm trying to find out the...
  12. FCTourer

    Overheating Coil 2.6 Petrol Series 2 110

    I have an ex-military series 2 (1969) 110 forward control vehicle. Original 2.6 6 cylinder petrol engine. I can start the engine no problem and it runs for 10-20 minutes nicely, then it splutters, lets out a puff of black smoke, sometimes backfires and dies. I then leave it all to cool down...
  13. Filming "The Royal"

    Filming "The Royal"

    2a Land Rover Marshall ex-military ambulance, North Yorkshire.
  14. Filming "The Royal"

    Filming "The Royal"

    2a Land Rover Marshall ex-military ambulance, North Yorkshire.
  15. I need a new home

    I need a new home

    2a Land Rover Carmicheal FT5 fire appliance North Yorkshire.
  16. Anyone want to restorre me?

    Anyone want to restorre me?

    2a Land Rover Carmicheal FT5 fire appliance North Yorkshire.
  17. Can I stop posing now....

    Can I stop posing now....

    S3 Land Rover ambulance equipment unit, ( ex fire appliance ) York, North Yorkshire. 2001
  18. Blooming cold up here !

    Blooming cold up here !

    2a Land Rover / Marshall ambulance working in North Yorkshire
  19. K

    Land Rover Bonnet Lettering

    Hi all, I seem to be posting nothing but trivial questions in this forum, apologies for this - when something blows up and I need help I'll make sure to create a proper thread :p. Anyhoo, today's random point of discussion is this - does every Series 1 Freelander have the LANDROVER lettering...
  20. O

    UK South Wales Land Rover Club Birthday Road Run

    To quote: "South Wales Land Rover Club Celebrates its 10th Birthday this year 2009! To start our year of birthday fun we have organised a road run for all Land Rover owners on the 12th April starting at the Cardiff Gate services J30 of the M4 arriving at Weston Super Mare Beach lawns to...
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