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  1. L

    White smoke from exhaust and it's not head gasket

    Wondering if I could get some advice please? 2005 vogue SE started to smoke a little, it's not head gasket, no brown or milky colour in oil, or on oil cap, isn't loosing any coolant, isn't over heating, smoke doesn't smell sweet. Upon start up, no smoke, of course apart from the odd puff of...
  2. J

    Radweld, yay or nay

    Changed the radiator in my 300tdi a year and half ago. However the new one has now developed a leak, I can’t bring myself to spend £110 on a new one and mess about fitting it. What does everyone think to putting radweld in it, or should I stop being cheap and get a new radiator? Cheers
  3. E

    How to fit the front axle seal - for once and for all?

    P38 2.5 TD 80,000 miles front end axle work Last year I did all my 4 front balljoints and for good measure, replaced the shaft seals whilst I was there. About a month later, one of them started leaking but by this time I had already passed the MOT. Land Rover had issued an advisory in...
  4. andy3d

    2.25D - is it a crack in the engine block ?

    Hello everybody I just get my 2.25D SIII from service with replaced gearbox, and noticed some water leaks from right side of engine block could it be a crack in the block ? if so, any chance to repair it ...
  5. boddamese

    Need a decent recon steering box. Any tips?

    The steering box (4-bolt) is leaking badly from the top of the box. It was fitted 2 1/2 years ago. Its a recon unit from Paddocks. I suspect that the unit must have been rebuilt using B**tpart (S**tpart) seals due to their apparent poor quality (unless they managed to find an even worse...
  6. G

    Discovery Water Ingress Booklet

    Hello, If anybody wants the Land Rover technical booklets for water leaks and how to fix them send me an email [email protected] and I'll send it to you in microsoft word format. :-)
  7. L

    Disco II Water on Floor

    I have a '03 Disco II. My front carpet is soaked with water. I unclogged the heater drain nipples from under the truck and cleaned out the drain tubes and thought that it was fixed but when I drove it again, the floors wet back to being wet. I can't find any leaks around the doors, windshield...
  8. S

    New owner - Stupid questions - Sorry! :)

    Hi, We have just bought a W reg Discovery 2 TD5 GS. Very happy with it. Love driving it.....but it has a couple of minor problems: 1 It leaks when it rains - water comes through in the top corners of the windscreen - headlining soaked. Not sure how to fix it - have read various things about...
  9. impstar

    Leaking pipes

    Afternoon all, Sorry for lacking knowledge, usually in Series Forum but........... Just recued my boss as coolant leaking out of 2000 (V) TD5, ran it straight to garage and left it there. Just got call to say there is a double metal pipe that runs coolant under the vehicle and that has...
  10. karona

    What Prevention to prevent Cure

    After the wicked winter we had, I noticed that the foam on the sound deadening mat under the carpet on the driver's side was wet. On stripping it out thinking I had a leak somewhere, it seams that the water was winter snow melt from the boots. Now, on looking at it, it's just where the left foot...
  11. S

    Water Ingress/Leak From Rear Roof Area????

    Gents, I have located my leak, It seems to be coming from a seam that is located under a rear trim panel. I have posted photos and numbered them in order. The last photo show where the water ends up in the fuse area. Any help or ideas of where the water could be getting it would be very...
  12. T

    Defender Lights & Hub Leak trouble! Any advice appreciated!

    Have a 1994 Aussie-spec 110 Defender and was driving along a track near Mount Fuji last night. Man & Machine in perfect harmony, then changed from low to high beam and all the lights went off:eek:. No side lights, no main beam, no low beam...:confused:Came to the quickest stop ever but went over...
  13. LordDoig

    Broken bits and a big parts order...

    So... The Major (see avatar) has been behaving very well recently. It may have been a touch misguided, given the brake locking issues that caused my big crash, to drive it to Dundee and back on the dual carriageway twice in one day but hey, I live on the wild side. She made it, no...
  14. S

    AC leaking water (or something)

    My friend's Defender's AC is leaking some kind of fluid. Previously I thought it might be something else than the AC leaking, but after poking around a bit under the bonnet I could not see anything obvious. Also, I confirmed yesterday that this does not happen when the AC is off, only when it's...
  15. G

    How Do I? Steering Pump Leak

    Hey all. Please can someone advise. My Steering pump started leaking oil badly recently. I have tried to remove the pump to see what the problem is, but it would appear that to get to the rear nut I would have to remove the distributor which i dont want to do. Can i replace the seals with the...
  16. B

    Brake or axle problem? - advice needed please...

    Please bear with me it's a bit of a tale but you need all the facts... The other day we were driving along in our 1994 Discovery 300TDi at about 30mph when there was a really nasty graunchy mechanical sound which seemed to come from the rear (outside) somewhere - I thought the rear exhaust...
  17. G

    Heater matrix "o" ring

    Hi guys HELP !!!! I love my 2000 RR Vogue, but I have a leak and everything points to the replacement of the Heater Matrix "O" ring Does anyone know of a garage in my neck of the woods (Lytham St Annes) who has done this work for a reasonable cost. Apparantly it is a bit of a pain to...
  18. B

    Propane Gas Leak Detection.

    After going through 47Kg bottles of propane at an alarming rate and not being able to find a leak, I am wondering if anyone has had dealing with the device, a Bubble Gas Leak Detector, as in the link below? http://www.tcschandlery.co.uk/8903/TCS-Chandlery-Bubble-Gas-leak-detector.html I feel...
  19. H

    Coolant leaking into car under carpet? Disco 2.

    Hi, I have just purchased a Land Rover Discovery 2 a noticed its leaking Coolant. Ive noticed it is running into the car under both the passenger and drivers side carpets (pulled it back and its wet under there?). I can also see it dripping from under the car onto the ground (approx level with...
  20. Matt_300tdi90

    Rear Diff

    I have a leak on my rear diff, i will replace the seal but looking on microcat there are all sorts of other small things in the diff, is it worth replacing any of these at the same time? Cheers Matt
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