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  1. W

    Welcome lights / puddle lights

    Hiya everyone - long time lurker, first time poster! I have a question regarding the welcome lights in the wing mirrors. SWMBO decided to try and fold in the drivers mirror using a pillar, and found it wouldn't fold back out again. I have replaced said mirror, and the used replacement has the...
  2. D

    LED lights renovation

    Apologies sure this has been a common topic before, but just joined having exchanged my Disco 4 for a beauTy series 3 88 Need to Replace some Lights and seen that led options seem to be more Common, especially as part of expensive renovations like cool vintage Wondered if people could Advice...
  3. H

    No main beam on my Freelander1 Facelift TD4.

    Hello fellow owners, I have a new problem with my Freelander which nearly caused a serious crash. My high beam headlights and flash have stopped working. I’ve tested the bulbs and they both work, I’ve checked all the fuses, & even though the high beam fuses were ok, I replaced them anyway. But...
  4. E

    freelander 1 dash problems odometer, speedo, gauges

    Hi can anyone help..i have a freelander 1 2002 116k on the clock.. all of a sudden the fuel, odometer , rev counter, temp, and warning lamps have started to flash on and off randomly as if a loose connection. I have checked the plugs behind the dash no loose wires and also the TC and HDC also...
  5. M

    How Do I? Need advice re New Style Evoque Head lights on 2012 Prestige model

    Hi everyone, I have a Range Rover Evoque 2012 - Prestige I'd be really grateful if anyone could confirm if the new 2016 headlights fit exactly the same as the original model headlights. Also are the connectors / fittings also the same. I have already upgraded the rear lights which really do...
  6. D

    Disco II V8, dash in blackness and no side lights front and rear on drivers side

    Hi all Landy been behaving itself last while but few wee things have cropped up lately, plus MOT is up. Whilst awaiting track arm to come I thought I'd pursue a weird electrical issue that has reared its head. Noticed wee while ago that dash backlighting/illumination had stopped coming on...
  7. G

    DII Facelift Headlamp screw replacement

    Hi all, Went to replace bulbs in the headlamp assembly yesterday. The main screws to remove the lamp assembly (Screw A and B) were seized and it appears that while not freed the captive element is spinning in the moulding with the screw (shown green on the image). I managed to get the...
  8. M

    Parking Lights

    Hi, I'm a new disco owner and am still learning all the controls. i have browsed the manual but can't see any section that covers parking lights. Does anyone know if parking lights are a feature and if so, how they are enabled? Thanks.
  9. spirals

    Temperature gauge rising with lights on

    Hi folks, I need some advice on fault eliminating please. My water temperature gauge appears to be artificially raising when I have my headlights on, particularly main beam. I've cleaned up the contacts and earth to the gauge itself - any suggestions as to what else I can try and to how this...
  10. sameuinton

    Stolen Defender radiator grille

    No need to warn Defender owners about vehicle theft, but last Saturday my LRX grille, headlamp surrounds and front lights were taken - just a pile of self tappers on the drive. I suggest that security screws or similar are used for external fittings to try and deter the criminal fraternity. Or...
  11. S

    Lefthand main beam works, dipped doesn't

    So after getting the new light switch fitted by the dealer, at some point the left hand dipped light stopped working. However the main beam works. I take it it is just one bulb for both, so that can't be it? I changed the fuse and that didn't help, so what other things should I look at? It's...
  12. F

    Help needed with l322 headlights

    Hi all, I have just purchased 2nd hand L322 Headlights and front end for my P38, but silly me didnt take off the headlight covers to see the inside of the lights... basically, the people who did this guy's conversion have butchered pretty much all of the wiring inside the lights. What I need...
  13. T

    Defender Lights & Hub Leak trouble! Any advice appreciated!

    Have a 1994 Aussie-spec 110 Defender and was driving along a track near Mount Fuji last night. Man & Machine in perfect harmony, then changed from low to high beam and all the lights went off:eek:. No side lights, no main beam, no low beam...:confused:Came to the quickest stop ever but went over...
  14. H

    head lights affected by indicators - help

    hey there well i put it off, but got round FINALLY to getting a new wing for my land rover defender 90 after an encounter with another car back in feb. ok so there was two of us working on the car, one replacing shocks and springs on the front suspension, myself taking of front right wing...
  15. captainbmod

    European trip, do I need to adjust headlamps?

    Hi Guys, Im planning a short trip to europe, for a long weekend. Will probable be driving at night. I have an Ex MoD land rover series 3, will I need to adjust the headlamps for driving on the right side of the road? and If so, how would I go about doing this? Many Thanks, Chris.
  16. dragon 87

    lights in bumper on petrol v8 disco

    I am trying to sort out an electrical problem on my disco. the lights in the bumper i know the indicator whats the red one i am pretty sure it is a tail light! but i am trying to get all the lights to work and eliminating all the lights, the bumper ones don't work! any ideas?
  17. E

    Direction Indicators on 99 Freelander

    Hey I was wondering if anyone could help. Freelander 1999 XEI 1.8 A few days ago my directional indicators would work sometimes but not others. Since yesterday they have not worked at all. The warning lights wont work either. However all the lights flash when I lock the car. I have...
  18. J

    Hiding electrical gremlins

    Well ive had my first landy two weeks and sorted most of the mechanical issues, but I have to admit that I am awful with electrics. Firstly, when I bought the car the fuel and water temp gauges did not work, but the alternator charge light did. Then about a week ago they worked and two days...
  19. M

    Lights help!!

    I am hoping someone can help- trying to get our landy ready fo its MOT and guess what -no sidelights front or rear on drivers side and no brake and display lights!! Have just put a new reversing light on- this does nt work either!!! Any Ideas please? Thanks M PS is a '84 90 wit a 300tdi lump
  20. T

    Instrument Lights Not working

    Hi all , I have a 99/00 td5 and the instrument lights have suddenly stopped working. Non of the dash lights at all come on but everything else seems ok. I have checked the fuse ( no 27 according to the manual ) and its ok. I was rewiring a trailer lighting system at the w/e and did touch...
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