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  1. wuas680

    Rear Door Padlock Photos Please

    Bit of a random one but if you happen to have any photos of any method employed to better secure the rear door of your trucks it would be very useful for me to aid my decision. I already have a standard padlock hasp installed which is now looking a little rough and whilst I do like the...
  2. L

    How Do I? Defender Door Lock/Latch

    I have just found that the passenger door on my Defender is stuck in the closed position. The push button will not come fully up so I cannot open the door. I have partly removed the internal door card through the open window and tested all the linkages. I have now managed to get the push button...
  3. M

    L322 Door Lock Mechanism Stiff

    Hi All Ive just replaced my outer door handle cable as the end snapped off which seems quite common. With the the new cable fitted, it needs a really strong pull to open the door. There are no bends or obstructions on the new cable. I'm thinking the lock might be a bit stiff which might of...
  4. T

    Door Catches and latches?

    Hi I had some Very early Defender door locks and would like to change them to the Series 3 style ones now, just i am unsure which ones will latch onto the catch i have? Que photo of Catch I have Series 3 door bottoms. if anyone could direct me which part number to look for that would be...
  5. Disco DJ

    D2 door lock mechanism

    I have a 2002 TD5 series 2. The rear right door lock has stopped working (won't unlock). It'll lock fine, but when unlocking- you push the key fob button once (driver door unlocks) and your hear all the other doors "click" as normal including the rear right, (I think this is disabling a "dead...
  6. C

    Central Locking System

    Hi Folks, I'm hoping someone out there can shed some light on a little problem (more of a nuisance really). I recently purchased a 1995 Land Rover Discovery, and everytime that I turn the igntion to the "ON" position, all of the doors automatically lock. They unlock as soon as I turn the key...
  7. Otley's Owner

    Door lock question

    Another problem, door lock this time. I am replacing the driver's side door lock on my series 3. The door has the later ant-burst type of lock as initially fitted to military vehicles and changing them over is quite straightforward. However, does anyone know how you release the key cylinder...
  8. nzrover

    Series III 109 Diff-Lock light connection

    Hi there, I have an Ex-Army 1982 Series 3 109. We found some mud the other weekend and I realized that the Diff-Lock light was not lighting up. After working through light bulbs, vacuum tubes I found that the wire that connects to the console light has come off. I can't work out were this...
  9. john.pirret

    New Door lock Barrels and Keys

    Does anyone know where I can buy new door lock barrels and keys, as the ones on the auction sites are cheap and nasty, the keys look like locker keys. Can you buy original Land Rover Keys and barrels?
  10. D

    Removing Lockset on Liftgate, 93 RR Classic

    I have old rusted tailgate and used non rusted one I am going to swap in. Want to swap over the old lockset. Is this easy. Anything to look out for. Asking before I start pulling it apart and little bits start falling all over. Anywhere I can find an 'exploded' drawing of the lockset on the...
  11. C

    CDL Problems

    Hi! I have a 2001 TD4 and my problem with my CDL (CENTRAL DOOR LOCK) is this: I replaced the inoperative driver's door locking mechanism with a new one and after a few successful clicks, the whole CDL suddenly died down. I couldn't open nor close the locks through the CDL switch on the front...
  12. L

    how do i in put radio code for my LR 98

    am Luis from chicago I just but my LR Discovery but the radio is lock i have the code wich is 5 numbers and the radio takes only 4 to on lock it but i dont know how pu thr in, olso the code has a number 7 and my radio has only numbers from 1 to 6 how do i put number 7? thks in advance.:)
  13. M

    Disco 1 rear door stuck - not the usual issues

    Hi, The rear door on my discovery 1 is stuck. It won't open and it won't close. I have been through the threads here, sprayed wd40 under the handle, cleaned it out, checked child locks, taken inside cover off, tried every combination of pulling, pushing, turning keys and pulling handles etc...so...
  14. uncle_sam

    Changing Rear Offside Door Lock Mechanism

    For no reason, the lock wouldn't unlock with the central lock switch and remote key fob. Other functions still work, i.e.. still can unlock from handle inside and then door opens with handles inside and outside. Door lock mechanism is non-serviceable and is bloody expensive. Here's how to change...
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