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  1. R

    Headlights loom replacement,

    Greetings all, So after having changed my headlights switch twice I ordered from Paddock Spares the loom upgrade. The installation is rather simple except for the fact that the cable provided didn't quite reach to the battery and I had to extend it. Ok so I didn't unplug the battery as the...
  2. series3100

    in out wiggle it all about

    Im going to get cracking on wiring the landy soon (custom loom). The question is sould i put the wires inside the chassis rail or outside... Im thinking inside and have left a line in there so i can easily do it, are there any disadvantages to going inside as opposed to outside? If it wasnt a...
  3. M

    My Mysterious Grey box...

    Hi, have just bought myself a 2000 TD5 Defender and as it's my first I have a couple of questions that I hope you guys may be able to answer. I have a definite case of 'oil in the loom', It looks like it's been doing this for a while with the quantity of oil under the seat. The truck is...
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