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loss of power

  1. P

    key fob causes problems with engine

    I have a 2003 freelander with serious key fob issues. This is a gasoline engine that you must turn the key switch on, let all the lights on dash clear , then start. (Almost as if it was a diesel engine glowplug) if you try to start too quickly the service engine soon light comes on and it goes...
  2. G

    Intermittent lack of power and EWL come on Face lifted TD4

    Hi there First time poster, and I just want to check something with the collected wisdom here. I have a TD4 with 106k on the clock and I am getting a problem that is getting worse. It starts and drives fine some of the time. It always starts on the button. When I rev the engine under load (to...
  3. landroversok

    Easy maintainace tip that could save you a fortune on fuel pumps, turbos and pipes .

    Clean the drain in your air box when you change your air filter. To do this remove the box altogether it is easy and only take a few minutes more. As air enters the filter box it goes through a plastic spiral section which causes a vortex and spins the air drying it and the water escapes...
  4. A

    Landrover 110 won't rev under load

    Hi all, new to forum and my land rover 110 county :). The problem started today, topped up fuel, approximately 15 litres. Had been driving for about 10 miles up to this point. Pulled out of garage and would only short rev, not enough to allow turbo to cut in, will go up through all gears and...
  5. J

    Smoke from turbo housing and loss of power

    HI all, 2006 Freelander 1 TD4, 134,000 miles, loss of power, smoke on throttle on, and smoke from between the two halves on the turbo. Clutching at straws perhaps but is there anything but the turbo that could be leaking there as you can see sod all and cant quite see where the smoke is coming...
  6. R

    Hesitation through acceleration TD4

    Hi, just registered with the group and was hoping somene can assist. I have a french 2002 TD4 that has developed a hesitation at between 2000 and 2500 rpm. The hesitation is accompanied by black smoke which clears at around 3000rpm. I also have a feeling of power loss on hills again...
  7. erenpreiss

    winter: discovery lost acceleration

    Hi, folks! Disco 1, late 1997, diesel, automat. It all started with empty fuel tank. Bad habit, i know, but I'm used to driving up until the yellow light and then some. This time it actually run out of diesel. Fortunately - right across the street was a fuel station. Fueled it up, but now...
  8. M

    TD5 Disco 2 (2004) Running rough on holiday in France

    My Disco 2 td5 is suddenly running a bit rough, sounds like it's on only 4 cylinders. The engine seems to be labouring and is shaking the whole car like a judder particularly at low revs. It also doesn't pull away smoothly although it doesn't cut out but does sound a bit more noisy at times...
  9. M

    Freelander TD4 - Loss of Power

    Hi All, I know there are loads of threads about loss of power above 3,000 rpm, but mine seems to be a little different. When the engine is warming up, the turbo is fine and power comes in as normal. When the engine has warmed up, or is travelling above 60 then the loss of turbo cuts in and I...
  10. B

    Losing Power and Producing black smoke

    Hi All, Looking for help. I have a 2003 TD4 Freelander. Bought it 2 years ago and absolutly loving it, despite all the problems it has bought me. The recent problems is a headscratcher. If I drive it and go over 2,000 revs it loses power, no matter what gear I am in. It then struggles to...
  11. M

    2001 TD5 - total loss of power and white smoke

    Our TD5 had new clutch and flywheel fitted 2 weeks ago. Last weekend driving home we had a total loss of power (didn't stall) and plumes of white smoke. We were told it was head gasket. But after reading through this forum we have our doubts. Could this be caused by a dirty Sedimenter and...
  12. Swingletree

    I'm a bit stumped now.

    I was on a dual carriageway the other day doing 60-65 MPH in my 110 300Tdi, suddenly I had a complete loss of power, engine still running, lots of smoke from the exhaust. toppa very kindly towed me home and since then I have........ Fitted a new timing belt, all sprockets aligned, all correct...
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