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  1. LR90 lad

    Expired For sale - Landrover 90 - Completely rebuilt

    A Completely rebuilt 1984 Landrover 90 with a 3.9 EFI V8 and autobox conversion Below is a brief list of the work carried out New swivel balls, bearings, grease, wheel bearings, diff oils New TD5 front vented discs and calipers fit, new brake lines and braided hoses all round including...
  2. A

    Rrc lpg

    Anybody fitted LPG to their 3.9 V8? Know any good fitters? Anybody think it's a good/bad idea? Happy Hogmanay!
  3. T

    3.5EFI misses and wont idle properly

    My 3.5EFI wont idle properly and misses badly when cold. The missing gets slightly better as it warms up but it still doesn't idle properly. Sometimes it will behave completely as it should and idle nicely. It did this today after being filled up with fuel. And then back to its usual tricks...
  4. T

    Petrol Engines V8 3.5L Twin stomberg carb running on propane?

    Hi , Living on the isle of Mull we have no LPG filling station. So i was wondering what the legal side is of running off red propane bottles. I know its possible but what about tax and cost of doing this? Other option is i have access to a 2000l LPG tank which was used for a restaurant...
  5. D

    How Do I? Automatic Distributor Advance 3.9 V8

    Now I realise that I might be WAY OFF here, but I have got to get this off my chest and ask if anyone here knows of any lawful impediment for this idea or if there is an easier way that doesn't involve ££££££? I have been messing around with Ignition advance and I have two settings... One for...
  6. dragon 87

    IN-OP LPG Wasting A D1

    94 D1 V8I ES AUTO on LPG (Landi-Renzo System with Twin Torpedo Tanks) with extra auto box cooler, (all fitted by previous owner!). 1) Problems noted with LPG and taken to only specialist hour and half from us. (I did phone the original installer in Banbury, after we were told about...
  7. Malcolm Tent

    Petrol Engines OMVL R90E - Running-in required?

    Having just replaced the Bigas regulator on my V8 with an OMVL R90E, I took it to a workshop to get it set up (as I can't justify the expense of buying my own exhaust gas analyser). They tell me it's correctly set; but the power is way down on what it was with the previous regulator. They...
  8. Malcolm Tent

    Petrol Engines V8 Runs Badly When I Switch to Petrol

    I have a strange problem...but enough of that, let's talk about Land Rovers. When I switch over to petrol from gas, hot or cold, the engine (3.5 V8, twin SUs) runs like a pig. Unresponsive on the throttle, big flat spot and I have to rev it hard to make reasonable progress. After about 3 miles...
  9. D

    Engine wont start or run well when hot

    Hi Was wondering if anyone on here could help me with a problem i cant solve with my series II petrol/lpg landy. From cold she starts and runs fine until she gets warm then she does run well (misfires when throttle up) If the engine is stopped she wont start again for another coulple of hours...
  10. lvdxd00

    no cats needed on gas

    I went to see a disco v8i on lpg, it had been fitted tubular manifolds and a full stainless exhaust, but no cats. The guy selling the disco said it had been like that for a few years. I asked about how it passed the emissions test for the MOT, he said it was always tested using the gas. Is...
  11. T

    I need some LPG help PLEASE!!!

    Hi everyone. RIght heres my story (Deep Breath!!) Im 17 (Yes, years old!!) and drive my series 3 landy to school every day, which is obviously costing me a fortune, so i have converted it to run on gas, BUT (AND ITS A BIG ONE!!) i cannot find anyone to pressure test it for me!! I want someone...
  12. lvdxd00

    Liquid petrolium Gas Conversion

    I was wondering if anyone has underfloor gas tanks fitted to a SWB? I would like to go gas powered but dont want to loose load space as I am going to fit forward facing rear seats for my kids Cheers Dave
  13. D

    HELP! - v8 Defender Engine/Gearbox Swap, too many options what do I need?.....

    Was about to buy the parts and crack on with an LPG conversion on my 1986 3.5v8 110 (thanks largely to all the advice I received on here!) when my wife has gone and complicated matters, typical! Seems she is finding the thought of driving a manual a pain and reacted with glee when I flippantly...
  14. D

    v8 LPG Questions

    Hi Guys Need your help with an upcoming LPG conversion. I have a 110 3.5L v8 running twin SU carbs. I have k&n filters on them but have been advised by an LPG kit supplier that these filters won't work with LPG - something to do with the amount of air they allow in being too much. Now...
  15. M

    General How to check LPG installation is ok

    mechanically sympathetic person (not a mechanic) seeks 'useful' advice on how to give a basic once over on an LPG installation. Have just learnt my son has purchased a 3.5 defender fitted with a certificated lpg conversion and he wants to go pick it up at the weekend. Is there any useful...
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