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  1. B

    Expired LT 230 PTO cover

    I want to fit an oil feed plate to my petrol 90 but need to change the rear cover from a tin one to an alloy casting part number is FTC3178. Has anyone got one lying about please? Please email me on [email protected]
  2. Stephen4.6110

    Problems fitting LT 230 to my auto v8 110

    Hi I fitted a low compression 4.6 V8 with Auto and BW to my 3.5 V8 Manual 1985 110 some years ago. I have never been to happy with the performance ( max speed only 70 - 80 and 8.5 mpg ) and have thoughts that the ratios were wrong with having the BW transfer box. Having blown up the BW i have...
  3. D

    LT230/BW Transfer Box Questions

    Evening all... I have been reading on tinternet and it has made me wonder... I have a 93 Vogue and I am convinced she has an LT230 Box (E). Now here's the thing, she has just the H-N-L selection (No Right to lock the diff). So, is this a transplanted LT230 and no dif lock connection, cause...
  4. Bigbananafeet

    Excessive backlash?

    I've spent this afternoon replacing the front output seal on my transfer box as it was leaking/weeping. While doing the job I took a couple of vids of the backlash or play between the front and rear outputs on the box and the diffs. I have a clunk when taking up drive or dipping the clutch when...
  5. M

    Discovery 2 / LT230 Transfer Box Loud Clicking

    Hi all, Thanks for taking the time to read this. I need your help. For reference my car is a 2002 Land Rover Discovery TD5 Auto. Have just completed a full service on my Disco TD5. When taking it for a test drive I noticed a loud clicking/clunking noise coming from the car. It was so loud I...
  6. Matt_300tdi90

    R380 and LT230 rebuild

    I am almost 100% certain that i have the common mainshaft wear problem, i get a clonk on every gearchange and sometimes when i lift off the throttle, this is even worse at slow speeds. So i want to rebuild the gearbox and thought it would be a good idea to rebuild the transfer box at the same...
  7. D

    Transfer box problems

    Hi there, I have a 1993 Disco 1 transfer box which has developed a problem. Basicly I drive the car in 2wd all the time because when I select 4wd the car jumps and bangs even at 2mph. I have been told that it jumps because he back diff is different to the front diff. The main problem I am...
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