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  1. D

    LT77 and Clutch. Disco 200tdi

    Hi all. Would like to ask if its normal, when you have manual gearbox on neutral (free), is it normal that the output shaft is spinning? This happen also with the clutch pedal pressed. I could stop shaft spinning by hand. But with a bit of force.
  2. T

    lt77 top housing selector unit snapped off

    My friend just had his gearbox rebuilt internal and even after this he was having problem finding gears to the point where he managed to snap the top off the gearbox! Is this weldable? What are they made of? If not has anyone got one or know where I can get one? Would need to be able to post...
  3. Mechty

    How Do I? Mazda/Perkins engine swap onto LT77?

    Aye folks, fit like the day? Ive got a bitty o a problem that im tryin to solve. Im currently converting my auld A reg 110 from its petrol 2.5 to diesel, ive got my hands on one of those mazda/perkins 3 litre engines that was previously mated up tae a 5 speed Heavy duty V8 gearbox wi the long...
  4. LEW153

    Europe Upgrade for your modified Series/early 90-110 - To Clear

    I have the following items which I can sell for a good price is sold as one whole lot. These are ideal for someone re-building his Series or early 90/110. Lot consists of: 1993 Discovery Tdi 200 engine complete with PS pump and intercooler LT77 gearbox with a 1.4 transfer case Disco 300 axles...
  5. lvdxd00

    How Do I? v8 engine in to td90

    I have seen a 1994 disco v8 manual for sale locally and was wondering would the engine connect to my gearbox's bellhousing or would I need to change the bellhousing? Or could I use the bellhousing from the disco The disco is a 1994 model, so is that the R380 box? Could I use that too? Cheers
  6. Mike_Hammond

    Gearbox internal pic

    Has anyone got an internal picture of an LT77 showing how the selectors sit on the shaft. I took the thing off and laid it out on some newspaper in sequence and then promptly kicked it !!!DOH :o Now I can't remember which way round the bits go which is pretty damn fundemental to getting the...
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