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  1. fast1rac

    To Scrap or Not to Scrap ???

    I bought a 1999 peugeot 306 of gumtree on saturday that had failed its MOT, there was no picture but my plan was just to scrap the car after i taken the cd player (under year old) and the cd multi changer and it also had good speakers that someone had fitted, and put them ebay and next good...
  2. Disco Richie

    MOT History

    I just performed an online history check of my new D2 car's MOT, well surprised it has only ever had one advisory one year corroded brake pipe and 1 fail same pipe heavily corroded the year after. Happy days, or are the potential failure points all stacking up ready to come out and say Boo...
  3. Otley's Owner

    Brakes pulling to side. Advice please.

    Well, the transmission brake was sorted out and oil contamination of the rear off-side drum was cured with a new axle oil seal. However, under heavy breaking my 109 SIII is still pulling to the left, quite alarmingly. Do any of you good people have any suggestions about the possible cause as...
  4. Disco Richie

    Common MOT failure reasons for disco 2

    Hi all apart from the dreaded tin worm in the chassis etc, what are common failure reasons with the disco 2? Off road tyre damage? Wheel Bearings? Mine is due next month, had to change a wheel bearing last time...... just wondered if anything was worth a look at prior to going to the ministry...
  5. B

    Scrapage - it's a disaster for Land Rovers.

    Yesterday it was taxation, now it's scrapage that's got me annoyed. I must be turning into an angry old man! Today I've seen a lovely ex services' SIII that's being repaired for MOT. It needed a bit of welding and a new indicator switch. It has the best 2 1/4 petrol engine and gearbox I've ever...
  6. J

    MOT Question: Leaf spring alignment

    Hi all, The previous owner has fitted new leaf springs on the front near side. The individual leaves are not aligned properly, i.e. they're at different angles so the edges of one leaf can be seen below/above the next. I'm guessing this is an MOT fail? I plan to do a whole load of stuff to...
  7. P

    How Do I? Is my Disco Dead? Please Help

    Hi there, I'm new, so apologies if I've posted in the wrong forum or anything, I'm trying to get a feel for the site, & hoping some of you may be able to help me with some advice. Took my Disco for it's MOT, It failed horribly, only got about half way through the test, before the tester ran...
  8. TEMPL4R

    General MOT Resources

    http://www.motuk.co.uk/manual/contents.htm MOT Testers manual http://www.vosa.gov.uk/vosacorp/forms/vehicletestforms/vehicletestforms.htm MOT Test Forms Black and white registration plates. MOT manual, section 6.3 Vehicles MANUFACTURED before 1st January 1973 may have...
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