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  1. C

    Front Drive vibration L series 2.0

    Hi everyone Any advice pointing me in right direction, read somewhere on forums but cannot find now. My L series 2000 plate has front vibration .it doesn't feel it through steering but actual in the drive. I have removed prop shaft to eliminate interference. When in gear I feel some...
  2. Grandaddy_low

    Bulkhead to steering box bracket clearance

    Hi, I have taken my bulkhead off to repair. Painted and back on, but the steering box is way out. It is supposed to be shimmed up, but surely not by about 12mm!? The shims that came off were about 3mm, if that. The toe boxes are more or less right: using 'old' metal as a reference, the...
  3. L

    Rear Door Wheel Mounting

    I've seen from a previous thread that I need the following parts to strengthen the door and pillar so I can mount the spare on the rear door of my S3: 305232 Plate - door striker (two) 332147 Dovetail for door pillar 332942 Male dovetail - door pillar 332943 Spacer 333140 Striker plate Has...
  4. U

    Series Bonnet Mount Spare Wheel Bolts

    Hiya I've just picked up a Series 2A Bonnet which I've cleaned up and fitted Series 3 Hinges to (see pic). Before: After: I've got the little Z-shaped clamps which hold the wheel in place, but I have no idea what size/type of bolts actually hold the clamps and spare wheel onto the...
  5. lvdxd00

    Raptor Dash

    Will one of these fit a series 3 dash? Or is there one like it that does? I have a radio mount but its a bit small and I would like to fit some worry dials and maybe a CB. Cheers Dave
  6. lvdxd00

    swb exhaust

    I got a new exhaust and fitting kit for 88" and it looks like one of the hangers is missing or is it? As you look athe the landy from the rear, the exhaust runs down the passenger side, and then turns right just after the back axle then out behind the drivers side rear wheel, well you know the...
  7. Matt_300tdi90

    Rear shock mount bracket

    Has anyone got any experience of the pattern copies of these? NRC7981 Rear Shock Absorber mount. I was changing my suspension at the weekend and one of these has lost it's thread so i need a new one. Are there any problems with the pattern versions like not lining up etc. typical britpart...
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