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  1. K

    Sound from diff

    Bit off back storey was 4wd and got wheel loft them had a noise in the front diff area. Note: ● doesn't make the noise in full 4wd and both wheels spinning ● doesn't make the noise in 2wd with hubs in 2wd ● DOES make the noise in 2WD with the Hubs locked Video is a few seconds long but...
  2. C

    Gearbox/transfer racket

    Evening all, First post here ! Just bought myself a 63 series 2, it’s a bit of a battle bus but I love it all the same. Been fixing it up (had some major smoking issues, turned out to be injectors and timing). Either way I’m pretty much the archetype Haynes manual Warrior, no professional...
  3. C

    Range rover sport 5l v8 supercharged 2011 Running noise

    Hi everyone, I've recently acquired a running noise on my car that the dealers seem to think is a normal running noise but I disagree and would like some of your opinions. It happens at low rpm and isn't always there but after what seems like shorter times it appears. My partner seems to think...
  4. P

    droning noise after replacing front propshaft on discovery II

    Hi New here so be gentle! Had a recent front propshaft failure (at 70 on a motorway, woke us up!!). Anyway had the propshaft replaced with new and underside damage repaired but have a droning sort of sound at 75ish. Does the propshaft need to be balanced are as I have read can it be rotated 90...
  5. H

    D2 Noise from transfer box when spinning front wheel

    Hi, i have a problem a really need help with. I have a 2002 D2 td5 commercial with a manual gear box, no center diff Lock. Done 216000 miles. From the front end she started making a solid knocking noise at random times. Even though once started the knock appeared to be road speed...
  6. M

    Droning noise from rear.

    Just a bit of advice needed. My Freelander has a droning, bearing like noise from the rear. Wasn't too bad when I bought it but getting worse. I have removed the complete propshaft assembly but the noise is still present. Mileage is 174,000 and I have no evidence of the vcu having been changed...
  7. Richie_asg1

    General Reducing RFI radio noise

    One of the disadvantages of replacing my poorly diesel with a 2.5 petrol engine is the amount of radio noise I am now having to live with. It's the standard civvy set up, although I hope to go electronic ignition soon, which removes point noise, but there will still be sparks from the rotor...
  8. boddamese

    Intermittent engine rattle

    Bit of help needed please... Defender 300tdi has developed an intermittent rattle from the engine. Sounds a bit like a metallic rustling type of rattle. Happens at idle or any engine speed regardless of car moving or stationary. Dip the clutch when it is rattling and the rate slows down with...
  9. C

    Turbo screaming

    Hi to all, Vehicle is Defender 200Tdi - engines I think in good condition, uses no oil or water, starts well, no smoke etc. I recently discovered that the rubber pipe connecting the turbo to the metal tube going to the intercooler was split. I taped it up pending arrival of new pipe. On...
  10. F

    TD4 serious stall at 30 mph

    I have an 8 year old freelander TD4 with the BMW engine and manual gearbox. I stalled the engine badly at 30 mph in a long curve due to a distraction and had to stop. (my fault....I know I know) I think something broke. When I started the engine... it sounded like the exhaust had come...
  11. F

    TD4 serious stall at 30 mph

    I have an 8 year old freelander TD4 with the BMW engine and manual gearbox. She has done over 350,000 kms! I stalled the engine badly at 30 mph in a long curve due to a distraction and had to stop. (my fault....I know I know) I think something broke. When I started the engine... it...
  12. E

    HELP: Noise Defender Td5 at 2000 rpm

    Dear all! My Defender Td5 runs beautifully on idle. However, when driving (especially over 2000 revs) it starts making a noise. After driving long distance this noise starts and will continue for a while but stops again. When it makes noise, we lose some power. We were advised to change...
  13. thereisawizza

    Noise following lift?!?! and other items.... :-)

    Hi all. Hope you don't mind me asking a couple of questions in one on this thread.... Vehicle is 1997 300tdi 100 Defender 1. Fitted a 2" lift kit last year, fairly soon afterwards had a metallic noise appear. Sounds like a table spoon being run along school railings? It stops when the...
  14. L

    Steering column noise

    Hi, I have a P38 from 1999 and since a few weeks now the car makes a noise when I steer but only when the car is still cold, so the noise disappears after a few minutes when the car gets warmer. The steering fluid is topped up, so any idea what could cause this? :confused: Thanks!
  15. M

    Thump thump thump thump when cornering, vcu gone?

    Hi guys, Recently i have been getting a thumping noise comming from the centre of the car when I turn, not always on full lock either, the car isnt skipping on full lock either just the noise. Is this my vcu goosed? or the IRD? if it is only the vcu is it possible to replace it before it...
  16. S

    Screeching Breaks

    1. Just put on new break pads and discs on all four wheels but the newly fitted pads and discs are screeching heavily every time a touch the breaks..Is there anything I and do?:(
  17. H

    Farting L322

    My 56 plate Tdv8 does this weird farting sound after a minute of starting up any time of day or night, I thought it might be the heater or the air raise/lowering? any thoughts. LOL.:rolleyes:
  18. M

    Repair Guide Whirring Noise From Steering Column Fix On Disco 2

    A rather annoying but inconsequent issue that sooner or later comes up in Discos series 2 (either V8 or S5): on moving the starter switch to position "II" a vibrating sort of whirling noise comes from aside the steering column. The trouble lies with the in-car temperature sensor (ICTS) mounted...
  19. karona

    Discovery Auto Gearbox Noise

    Hi all, bit long winded but bear with me please. Today, I was sitting waiting on the wife then when I saw her coming I started the car, and then heard a strange noise coming from the gearbox. I got out and had a look, all seemed ok. Put it into neutral (its an Auto) and the noise got...
  20. M

    3.6 TDV8 Engine Noise Similar to tappet anyone?

    Hi, any one had a ticking type engine knock on a TDV8? someone did post on here once but there was no solution. It sounds tappetty and is most heard when down below near the drivers front wheel. Currently in Main Dealer who have changed an injector and no change. Some people I speak are...
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