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off road

  1. M

    UK Places to Off-Road/Green Lanes in North East England

    Would be interested to know if anyone knows off good off-roading in the North East. Ingleby Incline is a favorite, although these days its only suitable for big lift Landy's as it is quite rocky. See attached pictures and map location, located near Ingleby Greenhow, NYM. Signposted 'Bank...
  2. JPGUK

    UK 4x4 off road pay & play days

    Hi I have recently purchased a Defender 90 & I want to get it MUDDY!! Yesterday (Sunday) I went to Park Wood in Tong Bradford yesterday which I thought was really good but its only open the second Sunday of each month & I need anothert fix! Are there any other sites in or around the...
  3. M

    SLS warning light and Off Road warning light - Land Rover Discovery 2

    Hi All, I am hoping you may be able to help. It is a long story but please read on and help if you can, I thank you in advance for any help you can offer. Whilst fitting a fuel burning heater to my D2 I came across a problem. Once completed I started and ran the heater for approx 15 mins...
  4. Lone WOlf

    Off-Road event videos

    Hello, Thought I would share with you the trailers from our recent DVDs at various off-road events, including the AWDC Challenger 4x4 Championship, the Mud Monsters challenge, the Breslau rallye and British Dirt. We hope you enjoy the videos, if you are interested in any...
  5. Bodsy

    Just some Pics

    Went to Wales last weekend with the Disco3Club Thought you might want to see some action. :cool: Cheers Ian
  6. S

    Series I or Series II??

    Just looking for advice on whether a Sereis I or II would be a better bet for me, I think a Series I would be a better job but i would be interested in other peoples opinions, I basically want a solid reliable turck to carry gear around and the dogs and such. I want to do a bit of off...
  7. S

    SWB or LWB Landrover

    Hi All, I am looking for some more advice on whether to get a LWB or SWB Series III I know that SWB is better off road than LWB while LWB is better pulling trailers etc, I suppose my question is how much better is a SWB off road?? Is there a big difference??? The LWB versions seem to be...
  8. M

    help needed with defender pick up please

    Hi all, am looking for a pick up to collect driftwood from my local beach, would a landy pickup be ok for this? a couple of people told me that pickups are too light in the back to be any good for sand, i have never owned a four by four so i have no clue, any thoughts guys? cheers lee
  9. Disco Richie

    Side slope driving

    How much of an angle can the Disco 2 take on a side slope without risk of overturning? I am sure the car will lean more than my nerves will allow, but it would be nice to have some idea !
  10. DiscoDaveIRL

    Greetings From Ireland

    Well Guys, Im just signed up on here, currently driving a Defender 90 TD5 shes ex ESB (Electricity Supply Board) and bright shade of yellow. Got it mid September after a tough winter last winter i wanted another 4x4. Having previously had a 200tdi Discovery. So thats my story. Hopefully i'll...
  11. Disco Richie

    UK Caerphilly Area Byways open to Land Rovers

    Hi All, Anyone know of legal to drive byways around Caerphilly? I'm thinking of the ridgeway between Machen and Gelligroes, near Pontllanfraith and its tributary trails from the Rhymney Valley and Sirhowy valley as my main interest. I have seen vehicles up there but are they legally there? I...
  12. F

    2 winch or not 2 winch???

    anyone had any experience and/or opinions on these?? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=310158685217&viewitem=&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT&salenotsupported ta very nuch
  13. LROffroad.com

    Hello fellow Rover Enthusiasts!

    Hello! I am a huge land rover fan..... My first Rover was a 96 Discovery which was "Willow Green", I loved that vehicle, I got a ARB Bull Bar for it and skid plates and roof rack and OME lift and then some 32" Swamper tyres, and then had a whole lot of fun with it! Now I have a 98 Range 4.6...
  14. Big Sandy

    Driving Off Road (Rough Terrain)

    This article will deal with some of the more rugged terrain you may encounter whilst off-road. Driving on rough tracks You can of course drive rough tracks in 2 wheel drive…however if the surface is at all loose, or there is a possibility of excessive suspension travel, you should engage 4WD...
  15. Big Sandy

    Driving Off Road (Wading And Soft Ground)

    Okay, the last article covered the very basics. This time, let’s go into a little more depth, this time dealing with some of the wetter conditions you may encounter. Driving on soft ground. You may find that reduced tyre pressures will aid with traction when driving on soft ground. Less...
  16. Big Sandy

    Driving Off Road

    Some general advice about safety and common sense driving practices whilst off road. Please note, these guides are advisory only, and anything you do whilst off-road is your responsibility and yours alone. First of all, it is very important to realise that any vehicle is only as good as its...
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