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oil leak

  1. U

    Mystery Oil Leak

    Hi, so I have a mystery oil leak on my TD4 FL1. I'm still in the process of investigating but the leak is not excessive but continuous. I think it's oil although I can't tell what from. Anyone got any idea's where this could be coming from and what I should check? Regards
  2. AndyMac1989

    Oil Leak

    Hi all, First post on here and I'll be honest I'm learning as i go with regards to all things mechanical but anyway i recently inherited a 1973 series 3 88, I've got her running but seem to have a leak! All i have done so far is put an air filter (K&N) on the intake which also has a valve for...
  3. A

    Head gasket and high pressure oil leak!

    Hi, so I have a 1999 defender 110 TD5. Recently it developed a pressurised coolant system which was a failing head gasket leading to exhaust in the coolant. So I have (following the haynes manual) replaced the gasket. I happened to have an AMC head lying around so stuck that on instead of the...
  4. T

    Any advice appreciated !

    My 1999 TD5 Auto Disco 2 has stopped driving, the engine is fine but the gears do not seem to be receiving any power. I was reversing up hill out of a muddy field and had to rev more than normal to move and then suddenly reverse failed. I put her into drive and tried to drive forward which...
  5. G

    Disco 1 V8 - Major oil leak

    Hello all, I am the 'lucky' owner of a 1997 Discovery 1 3.9l V8 which up until now has been relatively trouble-free. However the oil light came on the other day so I checked it to find it was dry!. Filled it up and drove 20 miles and checked again and was dry again. Oil seem to over the back...
  6. S

    How Do I? FreeLander TD4 2.0 Diesel Vacuum pump hose

    Hi All first post on the lrukforums.com so Hello :cool: first of all im not very savy with fixing cars however did not fancy paying a garage £390 to fit a part that i got online for £15 I have received the part and it looks extremely easy to fit the reason i brought it was down to a serious...
  7. T

    300tdi T seals or Packing strips - Injecting silicone?

    Hi, I went to change my clutch today as I thought It has been slipping. Turns out there was a good few L of engine oil in the Bellhousing! ( Bloody Wading plug! ) I suspect it is the T seals as I was not 100% happy with them when i put new ones in... I hear that you can instead inject where...
  8. Otley's Owner

    Series 3 braking issue

    My Series 3 109SW has started pulling to the left under heavy braking and I can see evidence of oil on the bottom of the rear off-side drum, so my immediate suspicion is oil contamination in the drum. First of all, where is this oil likely to be coming from? (The braking system was completely...
  9. D

    cylinder head oil pipe

    I recently removed the head from the 2.25L petrol engine in my Series 3. There is an oil pipe from the block to the head at the rear. When I got the engine back together, oil was leaking from that pipe where it attaches to the head. I could find no torque specifications for the bolt and so had...
  10. M

    Drive shaft Oil Leak

    Hi I own a 2000 2.0 Diesel Freelander Since last Friday I'm noticing oil drops under the engine. After inspection I think they're coming from the RH Drive Shaft. I guess the oil seal has worn off. What oil is that? IRD or Gearbox Oil? It's yellow in colour, and i find a drop of 5cm in diameter...
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