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oil seal

  1. Børge Pedersen

    D2 - 2003: How to replace transfer box intermediate shaft seals

    Hi I have Disco II - 2003 with a TD5 manual shift. The intermediate shaft in the transfer box is leaking oil on both sides, and I have som questions:-) 1. Is it possible to change the oil seals at a local workshop, that does not have the speceial LR tools? 2. Do we take down only the transfer...
  2. D

    10 Spline Half Shaft /Stub Axle Oi Seal

    Hello to you good folks, I have stumbled into a bit of a minefield and I was hoping you could help? Rear Half Axle/Stub Axle Oil Seal- Which is the correct one for a 10 spline ABS 93 Vogue SE1? The Part Number I stumbled into and ordered is FTC5268 There is no alternative that I can find...
  3. Bigbananafeet

    Cheeky part number request....

    At the weekend there whilst doing my under the bonnet and prop-shaft checks I noticed the front of my transfer box all wet. Upon closer inspection it looks like the oil seal where my front prop connects is leaking. My truck is a TD5 Hardtop 2000MY Any chance I could pester you lovely folk for...
  4. Satancom

    Repair Guide Diff Pinion Oil Seal

    Replacing the diff pinion oil seal on a rover axle is fairly straight forward, however removing the old oil seal turned into a bit of a mission for me, which is where having a SII diff became an advantage. First step is to remove the front prop,if you have free wheeling hubs you can disengage...
  5. Richie_asg1

    Replacing Rear Crank Oil Seal On A 3 Bearing Diesel

    If you have the facilities to remove the engine - then do, but you will still need to have access from underneath, so an engine stand is also required allowing access to the flywheel end. For those ill equipped, or requiring the minimum of space, then this method may prove useful. The 3...
  6. Richie_asg1

    Guide Replacing Rear Crank Oil Seal On A 3 Bearing Diesel

    Richie_asg1 submitted a new resource: Replacing Rear Crank Oil Seal On A 3 Bearing Diesel - For The Less Equipped Read more about this resource...
  7. Big Sandy

    Replacing Handbrake Drum And Rear Output Shaft Oil Seal On A Series

    You may notice oil coming out of your handbrake (transmission brake) drum. This will in all probability be a leak from the gearbox rear output shaft oil seal. Later series models have an oil catcher on the output flange, and the oil is supposed to leak out of a hole in the casting, just in...
  8. Big Sandy

    Replacing The Hub Oil Seal On Series Land Rovers

    The most common reason for hub oil seal failure is a blocked axle breather, so check this first before you start. Remove the brass bell-shaped fitting on the top of the axle, and give it a shake. There is a ball bearing in there, which will rattle if the breather is not completely blocked...
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