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  1. R

    2010 RRS 5.0 SC Autobiography suspected head gasket failure

    Hello all, I own a RRS 2010 AB 5.0. Had for 4 years+ now 145,000 miles, changed nearly everything that typically goes on these (SuperCharger, Active Anti roll bars - front and back, exhaust, cats - both, air height compressor, and to cap it all off replaced the engine - reconditioned from up...
  2. G

    Air lock on TD5 Discovery 2 coolant loss

    Hi I have a TD5 Discovery 2. It was bought recently and is overheating. It is also using lots of coolant (water) I found that there were several coolant leaks associated with the top hose. Where the hose is connected to the engine the spring clip had broken but was lodged in place. I replaced...
  3. F

    Temperature gauge predicts overheating

    I've got a 1991 Land Rover Defender 110, its only done 89,000 miles and is mechanically in reasonably good condition, the less said about the body work the better. The last few days whenever I accelerate hard when I'm not going very fast the temperature gauge rises, as I take my foot off the...
  4. D

    Overheating & excess water usage??

    Wonder if anyone can give me any advice. My '94 disco 2.5tdi is currently going through an overflow tank of water every 70miles or so, it seems to be getting hotter whilst doing a contunual 70-80mph and not getting that bad whilst sitting in traffic/doing 30-50mph. Has anyone any idea what could...
  5. D

    Overheating when towing a loaded trailor up hill

    I have an ex-military defender 90 N/A . Problem is when when I tow up hill with my trailer loaded it overheats. I have changed the thermostat,replaced the water pump,washed the radiator out, but it hasn't fixed the problem. Apart from that it runs perfectly. I'd appreciate any other ideas...
  6. D

    Cooked 300tid - Points to worry about?

    Hi all, Recently on a trip my disco's temp guage shot up into the red when I slowed down to enter an M/way service station. Looking under the bonnet showed that the pipe from the bottom hose to the heater system had holed and I'd lost my coolant. Call to the AA and the guy came ome and taped up...
  7. E

    Overheating problem

    Bit of a novice and looking for guidance I'm afraid... A couple of months back my Series 2 (S3 running gear and engine) went in to have some work done (rear diff had failed in a spectacular way...). Anyhow, on the way home having collected the vehicle I noticed that the temperature gauge was...
  8. Y

    300tdi defender temp gauge fault?

    Hello all, Right, just a quickie. I have recently flushed my cooling system as part of a service. Since doing this the engine overheats within minutes of it running from cold. I have taken the thermostat out and this makes no differance. I have replaced the pump as it was squealing. Again no...
  9. B

    Freelander Thermostat Issue

    Hello all, I have a slight issue with overheating on my freelander k -series 1.8 1998. I googled the problem a few days ago and found this forum (which has been a great help) and came accross this thread...
  10. L

    Help!!! Is it My Head or What???

    Hi all, please could anyone offer a theory for my disco 300tdi! Sorry for long post! :rolleyes: A few weeks ago after a reletively long run, I pulled up to water pi**in from the beast! Looked like it was coming from the expansion tank cap! As was in a rush, left it over night, topped up the...
  11. d.vernon

    Td5 Just Overheated, won't start!!

    Hi All, Had the 4x4 caravan hooked headed for Pilansberg Game Reserve, half way I lost all the water. Heater pipe had been plugeed and the plug came out! Luckiliy we were towed back home by a Defender (Puma). Thanks Simon! Ok what next? I've plugged the pipe again filled up with water...
  12. R

    Do you think its the headgasket????

    Hi y'all, I have a 98 Series 1 Disco (3.9 V8). The thing overheated the other day and when I stopped and let it cool down, topped the coolent up, it seemed fine. When I rev the engine the coolent level rises and falls. What do you reckon? I am now slowly losing coolant - but no leak...
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