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  1. M

    P38 and td5 steering knuckle

    Does the steering knuckle from a range rover p 38 fit into a td5 axle I know the ball joints and track rod ends are the same but want to know if I can do this ?
  2. C

    P38 steering box removal

    So after too many months of my garage floor looking like an Olympic swimming pool I have decided to replace my steering box all other advice to reduce the leaking has only worked temporarily and I have already have a new (reconned) one in order does anyone have a good set instructions I could...
  3. R

    Center window switch plate help

    I have a 2000 P38. A few years ago we spilled a drink on the center console switches and had to replace the switch plate at that time. I purchased a used one and it worked fine until recently. Now nothing on it works - no power windows, sunroof, mirrors, etc. However the lights on it still work...
  4. K

    P38 Loss of drive - have serviced transmission

    1999 P38 4.6 auto gems. The other day my P38 just slowed to a halt - no noise or commotion - no power going to the wheels. The engine runs just fine. I serviced the trans (new fluid / filter) - the old oil was dark brown - but still no movement - everything there is double checked - gears...
  5. E

    How to fit the front axle seal - for once and for all?

    P38 2.5 TD 80,000 miles front end axle work Last year I did all my 4 front balljoints and for good measure, replaced the shaft seals whilst I was there. About a month later, one of them started leaking but by this time I had already passed the MOT. Land Rover had issued an advisory in...
  6. G

    Superlocked out of P38!!

    Hi All, Firstly im new to the site so please be gentle! I'm currently superlocked out of my P38 Diesel, 1995. The bonnet and all doors are shut, the remote is not working as i needs re-synching. I can't however re-sync as the EKA needs to be entered, but I can't enter it as the door lock seems...
  7. G

    Water temp gauge warning

    Hi there, I've got a Y reg P38 and it has started acting odd. The water temp gauge will be in the middle one minute, within 2 seconds it will go right to the top into red (light comes on) then after a couple of minutes it will go back to the centre (again within a couple of seconds) and so on...
  8. A

    P38 - 2.5 Diesel 2001 - Overheating issue and stalling

    In the last two years, I have new: Water pump + Fuel Injection Pump + Fuel Pump + battery + alternator + timing chain belt, radiator. After a mechanic error, I had to re-build the timing chain belt. Yes, I know, I have to find another independent Land Rover service. I brought the car for a minor...
  9. B

    Worse after repair?...new on here.

    Hi guys. New on here... Living in Cambridgeshire with the love of my life..A P38 4.0 AUTO IN WHITE AND BLACK...Mmmmmm Ok...So I had the water pump and head gaskets replaced, skimmed head,new bolts etc.... Then 5 days and 50 miles later it starts smoking from exhaust..(white/grey) more when...
  10. V8Damon76

    Phillips video player in my 2000 vogue

    Evening everyone,bit of of a wet one down here in blustery Kent! Just wondering if anyone knows how much the original Phillips video player goes for now days? Can't find any info on the interweb about it at all! I have one still in the car,not tested it yet,but if I could flog it,it would help...
  11. C

    How Do I? Short on cigarette lighter now no glow plugs 1999 P38 diesel

    Hi, My mobile charger fell to pieces in the cigar lighter and caused a short which knocked out air con/radio/lighter. I replaced fuse 8 and have got those back but a day later it won't start and no light on dash for glow plugs. Checked all fuses and all OK. What can it be? Stranded in the...
  12. Series Affair

    ABS light not going off on P38

    Hi, my 2000my dHSE has not had a problem since I bought it last December. However it failed it's MoT last week cause of a n/s front wheel bearing. Fine. One hub assembly from Paddocks and I thought we were on our way. However the garage broke the ABS sensor whilst removing it. Mmmm. Fine...
  13. Series Affair

    Stereo Hum

    I have a P38 dHSE 2000my fitted with a Harmon Kardon stereo, It has performed faultlessly for the year I've had the car, Until today. I turned the stereo on and this low frequency hum started. This hum is there... 1. Whether the engine is running or not 2. On all radio and CD channels 3...
  14. S

    range rover crisis

    Hi im really new to all this so please bear with me, I have a range rover P38 on a P plate 2.5DSE model and today on my way home the check deisel light came on and it started running like a bucket of spanners and there was a nasty smell of fuel.... can someone give me a pointer on what may have...
  15. E

    P38 2001 4.6 V8 Vogue (New Head Lights)

    Hi People, I`m sure this has been asked before but here goes! I want to replace the front headlight on my baby, i`ve looked on ebay but only found USED ones! Want to avoid main dealer prices but under no illusions they will cost alot. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. Series Affair

    2.5 diesel: Performance and diesel leak

    Last winter I bought a 2000m.y 2.5 dHSE after my 1996m.y. 4.0 petrol 'passed on'. I was expecting the performance to be sluggish but after a couple of days I realised the performance was glacial - almost dangerous from cold. Also a diesel patch appeared on the drive and there was the aroma of...
  17. A

    Non starting P38 2.5 BMW

    I have had a p38 2.5 Turbo diesel for about 4 months and when I bought it you needed to turn the ignition key on three times before firing it up to get the plugs warm enough . Then it would burst into life. we had the car serviced and the mechanic put new heater plugs in, after that it was no...
  18. B

    P38 alarm / horn fault

    Hello, i have a '02 4.6 HSE p38, v low mileage (37k) and generally she behaves herself very well. Last few months she has developed an annoying random alarm / horn fault with intermittent sounding . Usually sound for the briefest of seconds and only for a second or two and happens a few miutes...
  19. K

    P38 alarm issue with indicator lights on

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and range rovers. Brought a DSE 2001. goes great but I have a problem with the alarm going off randomly at night. Presently working through the door locks,bonnet switch and tail gate. I know it is not a drained battery as I plug it into a Ctek battery charger when it is...
  20. E

    P38 nil start

    Hello all. Thanks for reading, maybe you can help. Ive got a 95 P38 4.6 (only 45k from new!). Problem, a couple of month prior to Xmas, the Gearbox Fault mssg popped up just as the ign key was turned, one the engine was started it cleared with no further messages. Just after Xmas, tried...
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