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  1. M

    Freelander Petrol! Upgrades!!

    So I have purchased a 1.8 Freebie Petrol HSE ( yes I know its a petrol! ) Facelift Model It was a great price, Full LR service History, very low miles 55k with 11 stamps, so I bought it! Wondered what upgrades people would reccomend ie lift kits, new thermostat that sort of thing and why. Thanks!
  2. boddamese

    Petrol smell from 2 1/4 with weber carb

    I'm getting a really bad petrol smell from the series 3 during last journey or two. It has a 2 yr old Weber 34ich on it. Seems worst on a rough road or when going over speed bumps of if I stall engine. New tank and sender fitted and I can't see any leaks from tank (under seat), fuel lines or...
  3. S

    How Do I? Water system re-plumbing - Series IIa with 2.5L petrol defender engine

    Hi All, Please help! My engine has some interesting heat characteristics which have lead me to look into whether there is something up with the coolant system - when I looked in a Haynes manual and started working through I noticed that the expansion tank is intended to have a constant flow...
  4. Otley's Owner

    Fuel duty rise

    Nice to see that the Chancellor has done (another) u-turn on the proposed August fuel duty increase. I am surprised though, that despite a threatened vote in the House, the Government didn't try to brave it out, particularly since the pump price has dropped significantly recently (£1.27 near me...
  5. S

    Discovery 2.0 mpi exhaust blowing at manifold

    just replaced the exhaust gasket on a 2.0 mpi discovery and now it is blowing, i have identified where it is blowing from but no matter what i do it continues to blow. Any suggestions ?
  6. LordDoig

    2.25 Petrol Rebuild/Knocking noise

    Hi Guys, Just parked up the landy for a couple of weeks to work on the brakes which are now completely done however when I turned the engine over it made some horrid noises and failed to start. After some jiggery-pokery I finally took out the buoy in the fuel tank and had a look - completely...
  7. R

    Can anyone recommend a new engine for a Series 3

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum so bear with me. I recently bought a SWB Series 3 (88) Land Rover (1979). I wish to replace the existing engine with something a little more economical bearing in mind the inflation of petrol prices. So, can anyone out there recommend a new engine? It must run...
  8. S

    2.25L Cylinder Head removal

    I've got a 2.25L Non Leaded Petrol engine with a suspect head gasket - so the head needs to come off. Only one problem, I can't get the head off! Any advice? I've gone through the normal removal of aircleaner, exhaust/intake manifolds, rocker cover off, rocker shaft off, push rod outs & spark...
  9. my beast

    my beast

    1998 p38 4.6 hse
  10. AJC

    Recall Notice R/2006/069 - Discovery 3 Petrol

    Please note that this recall is not new and is posted for reference only. Reference: R/2006/069 Manufacturer Ref: A016 Make: LAND ROVER Model: Discovery 3 Petrol Variant Launch Date: 07/06/2006 Numbers Involved: 696 Build Start Date: 02/07/2004 Build End Date: 30/04/2005 Concern: FUEL MAY...
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