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  1. H

    Td5 engine tuning

    Without busting the bank can anyone tell me what else I can do to give my td5 90 a bit more power. I have had my ecu chipped by Mike at Dynachip which was well worth the money and fitted one of those K & N air filters. I ask because it is not as if I am a speed freak "far from it" but there are...
  2. V

    Running out of steam

    Just returned from touring with the caravan (1.6T all up) and the Disco (S2 2003 Auto) appears to have developed a power problem somewhere along the way. It's happy to zip along the straight and level at 60mph with a bit in reserve for overtaking but has nothing left to cope with gradients...
  3. D

    FREELANDER 1 AUTO TD4 no power on uphill climbs

    This is my first post and I have had some fun trying to sort out my auto TD4 performance issues. I have just replaced the MAF sensor with a Meat&Doria part to replace the original Bosch sensor (F 00C 2G2 029). Car is running a lot better than before when it would hesitate on take off and...
  4. series3mad

    200tdi t28 turbo upgrade

    I've seen many people mention the the fitment of a garrett t28 turbo to their 200tdi, but here at so many different turbo a/r 's, turbine and compressor sizes. so which one/s are the best for low speed, cruising and flat out operations?
  5. H

    freelander loss of power at 70mph ???????????

    ok a bit of help please i have a 105,000 mile td4 4 door 51 plate great car i have had the following changes done clutch egr cleaned and sealed off maf cleaned recent service replaced little filter on turbo inlet pipe replaced split tube to the main air inlet replaced diesel pump (do not know...
  6. T

    Freelander Power Steering Fluid Change Info Needed - Could be cause of steering rack

    Hello I have a 2001 TD4 freelander, the vehicle has 'sometimes' an usual intermittent clicking noise when the steering wheel is turned, when the car is in a non accelerating standstill position. For example if the car is stationary on my drive or if I have tried a 3 point turn and I...
  7. N

    Power loss, ignition, brakes....and then some

    Have an 89 Def 90. 2.5 turbo diesel Problem is sometimes and not always the engine wont fire up. Has a new starter but when I turn the key there is nothing and then a click but no cranking over. Sometimes it takes a few turns of the key and it catches, sometimes longer. Is this ignition...
  8. F

    third battery?

    Hi, i have a Tmax split charge system, with a second leisure battery for use on fridge, lights etc..but i have juts been given a spare leisure battery by a mate, and so was wondering if i could/should install it as a third battery. I would have my main as a starter, then the 2 leisure...
  9. F

    Ranger Rover Sport 2006 2.7D

    Hi Everyone, When I press the accelerator to pull away from some traffic light a I get a puff of dark black smoke. When I wish to put my foot down I also get black smoke..Otherwises it normal any suggestions..
  10. P

    1991 Chevy Lumina Problems

    Alright, I can't find the right forum to post this in so I'll do it here...My Lumina is drinking alot of Power steering Fluid, it's also turning pinkish...I have no idea what to do, I can't even drive it to work now because the steering wheel is so damn hard to move Any suggestions? I'm no...
  11. T

    Power Loss

    Hi all, Running my H reg 200tdi disco on a veg oil 50-50 mix. Been running fine for 3 months+ and I always buy the UCO from the same local supplier. I add Vplus7 additive at the recommended dosage. I had an electrics problem which is now solved (go here) I also had power loss...
  12. J

    To chip or not to chip (the turbo)?

    Hi, Got a face-lift Freelander TD4. It's pulling a 4 berth caravan and it's for the most part effortless but hills do present a problem if they go on for too long. Would 'chipping' it be any help? I'm hearing 50% increases in torque and HP. Any owners out there to verify? It's got...
  13. Y

    300Tdi power Boosts

    Hello all, I am trying to put together a table of power improvements for the 300Tdi engine. I would like to show the expected power boost and cost for each modification. The aim is to see which mods are the best value. All input welcome.
  14. C

    power steering pipe problems

    HI all again. when i purchased my disco they told me that the power steering pipes leaked so they did a bodge job to get it working, however now they gave me a spare pipe to go between the pump and box but im having trouble fitting it. i managed to get the pipe into place but im having...
  15. R

    TD5 Lack of Power

    Hi All, First post here. I have done a search but can't find anything like what is happening to my TD5. Ok, so it is a 2003 TD5 auto 100,000 miles. It is stock with no mods other than an ARB bull bar. The problem I am having is a complete lack of power, ie- feels like there is no boost...
  16. W

    How Do I? something keeping the charging system down

    I have been working on my 99 disco 1 for about a month and cant find the problem - it acts like a bad alternator - but I have been thru 4 alternators - and the system doesnt pop up to 14 V - ever. it will charge very slowly at idle with no accessories on, but as soon as I turn on anything ( like...
  17. H

    Diesel Engines PROPANE injection

    I know it's not an alternative, but adding LPG/Propane to your system will enhance power and mileage, and reduce your emissions. I have fitted 5 landrovers with it, and the results are amazing. Loads of power, and a lot better return on fuel. When I went down to the LRO show, I did 190 miles...
  18. F

    All about the power

    hi.. have been doing lots of reading and searching and as i am not totally up on electrics and wiring i wanted to make sure it would work.. Trying to install a split charger system and have found these.. if i get one if these -...
  19. L

    Jumping and loss of power

    HHmmm Ok it is more then likely something very simple or very expensive to fix:(.... I have a Land Rover Free lander petrol 1.8.... In the morning going to work no problem but in the afternoon or long trips when I am in 3rd gear or higher and put my foot on the gas it starts to kick back at me...
  20. N

    puma engine judder & loss of power at speed

    HI all, I have a new puma engined landie. It judders in first or second gear, noticable when pulling out of side streets and also when booting it up hill. It is not a clutch issue as it happens when the the clutch is not being used (booting up a hill) the dealership said there was nothing wrong...
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